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Many who use Macola® Progression Software are not aware of a migration tool to a powerful and cost effective ERP solution, Elliott Business Software.  Anyone who has been through an ERP software conversion knows it is an enormous task, but the migration utility provides a way for Macola® Progression users to switch to Elliott easily.


Since its introduction in 1999, Elliott has grown into a powerful and sophisticated solution that can be utilized by companies of all sizes regardless of the industry.  It will more than handle all your accounting needs as well as your distribution needs.  In addition, Netcellent recently introduced a powerful yet simple to use manufacturing solution in Elliott called Work Order Plus.


There are many add-on features for Elliott that will further improve your business operations, such as:

  • Credit Card Processing
  • Warehouse Management
  • EDI Support
  • eCommerce & eBusiness

Elliott also supports many third party solutions, such as:

  • Integrated Shipping Manifest Solution by Starship
  • PDFBlaster for emailing invoices and statements to save postage
  • Petroleum Industry Software by CyberMac

Contact us at 888-595-3818 to learn more about upgrading to Elliott Business Software.

Macola® is a registered trade mark of Exact Software.

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