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Pervasive PSQL 11 is a powerful database engine that tremendously improves database performance by utilizing the server’s multi-CPU capability.  The PSQL 11 64-bit engine significantly improves the relational database performance by allowing unlimited cache memory.  Even a Crystal Report that does not utilize the database index correctly can return the result instantly most of the time.  Netcellent recommends all our Elliott users upgrade to the PSQL 11 64-bit engine.


Many Elliott users and IT professionals may not be familiar with one license security issue when upgrading to PSQL 11.  During the installation, PSQL 11 will authorize the engine license code over the Internet or by phone.  The authorization process will record the hardware configuration, including motherboard details, hard drive serial number, network interface card (NIC) MAC address and the amount of memory.  Pervasive uses this copy protection to prevent the installation of PSQL 11 on more than one server.


Changes to your server hardware require you to first remove the license key for the PSQL 11 engine through the License Administrator.  Once the server is running with the new configuration, you can reauthorize the PSQL 11 engine utilizing the same key.  Failure to follow this procedure could invalidate your PSQL 11 license due to the copy protection scheme.  Even though this can be fixed, it requires a special procedure that takes time and effort and can not be resolved after business hours or over the weekend.  So, plan your PSQL server hardware upgrades carefully and don’t let it ruin your day.


If you have any questions regarding Elliott and PSQL v11, call us at 909-598-9019 or email us at support@netcellent.com. 

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