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Elliott Version 8 will soon in be in general release.  We highly recommend you give Version 8 a test drive.


Elliott Version 8 introduces a new and convenient way of handling drill-down screens.  For example, in the Stock Status Inquiry screen you can hold down the Control key and press the appropriate function key for ATP Inquiry and the ATP data will open in a separate process window.  This will allow you to open as many drill-down screens as you wish and make it easier for side-by-side comparisons.


From the ATP Inquiry screen you can further drill down to the Sales Order, Purchase Order or Work Order Inquiry screens.  From the Work Order Inquiry screen you can drill down to the Stock Status Inquiry for the components, which was not available in previous version due to a recursive limitation.  Notes, Attributes, and eContacts also support the new drill-down screens in Elliott Version 8.


If you are interested in participating in the Elliott Version 8 beta release, let us know and we can help you install it on your system.  Running Elliott Version 8 has minimal risk and several sizable Elliott users have already converted to Version 8.  You can call us at 909-598-9019 or email us at sales@netcellent.com.


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