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Elliott Business Software Version 8 introduces a new and more efficient way in which help contents are retrieved and displayed.  In previous versions of Elliott, the help contents were retrieved and displayed locally.  This method posed several problems: (1) When we updated the help contents, users had to download updates in order to see the new contents; (2) The technique we chose to display the help content is not compatible with Windows 7.

Because of that, we began searching for a better way to display help contents when we designed our ERP software, Elliott V8.  As a result, all help contents are now displayed through a Web browser in Elliott V8.  The help contents are centrally located and reside on Netcellent’s Web server.  This means we can provide our customers with up-to-date contents as soon as we finish the new documentation.  In addition, as long as you can access the www.elliott.com website in a browser, you will be able to access the Elliott help contents.  Currently, we are investing major resources to update the Elliott V8 documentation. This is another reason you should consider upgrading to Elliott V8.

Elliott Business Software is a cost-effective ERP solution that is affordable for any small- to medium-size business. It is perfect for general accounting, wholesale distribution and manufacturing. It also has excellent capabilities that assist the import export business and petroleum marketers/fuel distributors.  It provides advance serial number tracking, which is ideal for many companies, as well as many other features.

If you are interested in participating in the Elliott Version 8 beta release, let us know and we can help you install it on your system.  You can call us at 909-598-9019 or email us at sales@netcellent.com.

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