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Studies have shown that employees who work at home are actually more productive than those working in the office.  In addition to increased productivity, working from home gives employees more flexibility, especially if they have children or ailing elders to care for.

People who work at home do not experience office distractions.
  They start work earlier, take shorter breaks and work until the end of the day.  They are fresher since they don’t have to commute to work.  In addition, studies have shown that more people look at the possibility of working at home as one of the reasons for accepting future job offers.  Offering employees the opportunity to telecommute shines a positive light on a company.  It means the company is flexible and willing to do what it takes to recruit and retain top talent.  It is really a win-win-win solution for the employee, employers and the society.

So if telecommuting offers so many benefits for everyone, then why did some well-known companies like HP, Yahoo, and Best Buys reverse their telecommuting policies in 2013?
  The answer is obvious. They ran into problems with managing their telecommuting employees. The truth is companies should not just jump into the telecommuting bandwagon without taking the proper steps first. One of critical requirements is performance measurement. Does the company have proper performance measurements in place to measure employees regardless of whether an employee is working in the office or remotely?

It’s difficult to measure employee performance in many positions.
  Some of them can be measured, but may take a long time and even so, may be difficult to quantify.  When it comes to positions for which performance is difficult to measure, many managers base their evaluation of how well employees are performing on whether they show up in the office on time or look as if as if they are busy working in their cubicles.  If that is the case, how are the managers going to measure their remote workers’ performance?  This is the type of problem that Yahoo, Best Buys and HP ran into, which caused them to reverse their telecommuting policies.

MySammy is a “Cloud”- based employee productivity measurement solution that will help companies to measure how employees spend their time in front of their computers regardless of where they’re working -- whether in the office or a thousand miles away. It is not meant to replace other performance measurements that managers should work hard to establish.
  But it is an easy solution if those performance measurements are not well established or if the results take a long time to see.  With MySammy, management will quickly know if their telecommuters are putting in their hours or not.

The solution will not only give companies a quantifiable time measurement, but also more flexibility to reach out and recruit more talented remote workers.  If you are interested in learning more about MySammy, visit the website at 

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