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The developers of Elliott Version 8 improved system security by moving all programs and executable files to the BIN folder and sub folders.  For example, Elliott V8 does not read and execute any programs from the <root> or PROGRAMS sub folder.  Because of this, we only need to grant minimum rights to users for the Elliott <root> directory. This greatly simplifies the NTFS configuration in order to secure Elliott V8. Elliott <root> folder refers to the location on your computer where Elliott V8 is installed, such as “M:\Ellliott8.”

The following table illustrates the suggested user NTFS rights to Elliott V8 folders and files.
  It may look complicated, but it is actually much simpler than Elliott V7.  Keep in mind that Elliott V8 must be backward compatible with Elliott V7.  If you are running Elliott V7 and V8 side by side, then you can’t apply the security suggestions below because that will render Elliott V7 inoperable.

Before you tie down the NTFS security to your Elliott folder, make sure your PSQL engine’s security is set to “mixed” mode, which means the user does not need to have NTFS rights to a file before he/she can access that PSQL database file.
  By configuring the PSQL engine to use “mixed” mode security, you can eliminate the user’s read/modify rights from the DATA folder and greatly enhance your database security.

Following this table are sample screens showing how to grant “Traverse/List Folder,” “Modify” and “Read/Execute” rights.


 <root>/Sub Folders

Suggested Users Right

Suggested Admin Users Right



Traverse/List Folder (see example below)

Full Right

This is the root directory, such as M:\Elliott7 or F:\Elliott8.  Grant user minimum rights to Traverse/List Folder so user can at least see the Elliott folder structure, which is required by Elliott to operate correctly.


Inherited from root

Inherited from root

This includes DATA, DATA_?? and TUTORIAL sub folders.


Modify (see example below)

Inherited from root

*.DAT files need to be separated out to give modification rights because these are not files handled by PSQL engines.


Read/Execute (see example below)

Inherited from root

All Elliott executable programs are now under the BIN folder.  Give Read/Execute rights to this folder and sub folders.


Inherited from root; or Read/Execute

Inherited from root

Elliott V8 reports will reside in this folder and sub folders. Users will have full rights to the report created by him/her since the user is the creator/owner of the report.  If a user needs to be able to see other user’s reports, then you will give that user Read/Execute rights.



Inherited from root

Give users modify rights so they can write to the log files.



Inherited from root

This includes PSQL database definition files and is used when a new table is created.



Inherited from root

Give user read/execute rights to this folder so he/she can use the Elliott Macro function.

Other Misc. Links Folders


Inherited from root

These are default links folders under Elliott <root> directory.  Give users the proper rights to these folders so they can access the links function.

Other Files


Inherited from root

Includes other files, such as the image file for printing laser forms.  Users need read/execute rights to these files.

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