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There has been much debate lately regarding Yahoo CEO Marisa Mayer’s ban on telecommuting, giving the impression she feels telecommuting is non-productive for the company.  News outlets reported Miss Mayer checked the VPN log for Yahoo’s telecommuters and found the activity to be low, which may have influenced her decision.  Recently, Best Buy joined Yahoo in banning telecommuting.  The decision to ban telecommuting may be viewed by many as counter progressive from a technology stand point.  We think these companies need to better manage their telecommuting resources instead of eliminating them.


Regardless of their reasons, the ban on telecommuting will definitely put Yahoo and Best Buy at a disadvantage when it comes to retaining and recruiting future talent.  Telecommuting is an accepted necessity and becoming a worldwide trend.  The benefit of working from home is an important factor when it comes to selecting and accepting a new job offer based on recent studies.  Furthermore, many studies show telecommuters are actually more productive when working from home than in the office.  Telecommuting provides employers and employees more flexibility, so companies can broaden their recruitment pool by reaching out to more remote talent.


Telecommuting works as long as the company establishes reasonable and quantifiable goals to manage the expectations of both employer and employee.  Fortunately, there are many productivity management solutions available to help address these issues.  NETcellent uses cloud based employee productivity measurement software called MySammy to quantifiably evaluate how effectively telecommuters utilize their computers during working hours.  MySammy is sophisticated and ahead of its time compared with using a VPN log to determine if employees are productive at home.  The solution has given us the flexibility to reach out to more remote IT talent, which we were not able to do in the past.  MySammy has also proven to be a valuable tool in determining the effectiveness and value of our telecommuters.  If you are interested in learning more about MySammy, visit the website at http://www.mysammy.com. 


Read full article regarding Marisa Mayer’s comments. 

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