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The next major release of Elliott Business Software is Version 8.  Feedback from our Elliott users regarding Elliott 8 has been very positive.  Everyone was excited with the changes in this release.  They liked the look and feel of Elliott 8 and one commented, “It’s sophisticated, functional and simple to use.”  Many Elliott users are saying, “Elliott is headed in the right direction.”


Elliott 8 builds upon the powerful features of Version 7.5, but provides a more intuitive user interface.  The main menu, or control center, in Version 8 is elegant.  Your companies and menus appear in an easy-to-read tree structure and can be quickly navigated from the control center.  You can customize the control center by utilizing the Favorites function and adding task groups for each company.  The Version 8 installation improves the directory organization so it is easier for an administrator to set NTFS security to protect sensitive data.


Overall, Elliott 8 significantly improves printing capability and adds a new report viewer.  Printing a report to the screen will bring up the new report viewer.  Unlike Notepad, the report viewer is optimized for report viewing.  You can also directly print from the report viewer and the printed report will be properly formatted.  You can save the viewed reports to the Elliott Spooled Reports or email it.  Elliott 8 also offers improved spooled report printing and archiving functions.


Version 8 also provides enhanced drill down capabilities that launches independent windows in separate processes.  This is beneficial for side-by-side comparisons.  Elliott 8 now supports SMTP, which makes email integration much easier.  Version 8 uses web based help, which provides you with up-to-date topic contents.


Elliott 8 is currently in beta release and will be in general release soon.  Many Elliott users have been running Version 8 beta release.  Upgrading to Elliott 8 is “low risk” since it shares the same database with Version 7.5.  You can run both Version 8 and 7.5 side by side. 


Elliott Version 8 highlights:


  • Elegant Control Center for Navigation
  • New Report Viewer
  • New Drill Down to Launch New Independent Windows
  • Improved Printing and Archiving (No More 99 Spooled Report Limit)
  • Web Based Help for Up-To-Date Content
  • Supports SMTP Email to Make Email Integration Easy
  • Improved Directory Structure for Better Security and Maintenance
  • And More

If you are interested in participating in the Elliott Version 8 beta release, let us know and we can help you install it on your system.  Again, running Elliott Version 8 has minimum risk.  Several sizable Elliott users have already converted to Elliott Version 8.  You can call us at 909-598-9019 or email us at sales@netcellent.com. 



Elliott Version 8 Control Center

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