# Tuesday, July 30, 2013

You will love the new Report Viewer in Elliott V8. 


Elliott 7 uses Notepad to view reports printed to the screen.  If you choose to print a hard copy from Notepad, the format is often printed incorrectly.  Emailing the report or saving it as a Spooled Report can be difficult.  As a result, most find it easier to print the same report again from Elliott to the final destination.


Version 8 will now give you the option to view a report printed to the screen using the new Report Viewer.  Unlike Notepad, the new Report Viewer is optimized for Elliott report viewing.  Report Viewer can print a hard copy in the right format of the report viewed.  The report can be saved as a Spooled Report if you decide to keep it permanently.  You can also email the report directly from the Report Viewer.


The following is a list of Report Viewer highlights:

  • Choose your favorite fonts to display
  • Enlarge or shrink the Report Viewer window with the font size automatically adjusted
  • An easily accessible search function
  • Copy and paste in traditional mode or block mode
  • Fine control of paging
  • Print to the printer in the correct format
  • Save directly to Spooled Reports
  • Email reports

If you are interested in participating in the Elliott Version 8 beta release, let us know and we can help you install it on your system.  Running Elliott Version 8 has minimum risk and several sizable Elliott users have already converted to Elliott Version 8.  You can call us at 909-598-9019 or email us at sales@netcellent.com. 

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