# Monday, November 25, 2013

The Elliott Business Software Version 8 Spooled Report function has been significantly enhanced.   We mentioned in our previous post that V8 can support more than 99 spooled reports, and the spooled file naming convention has been changed in order to accommodate this expanded capacity.  This means you do not need to perform the archive function when a particular type of spooled report total is approaching 99.  In addition, the spooled reports in V8 have been moved out of the DATA folder to a newly created REPORTS folder.  This will make it easier if you wish to lock down your DATA directory NTFS security.

Recently, the spooled report function has been further enhanced.  Now, when a spooled report file is created, it will be in a zip format.  This has two major benefits:

  • Saving Disk Storage Space: The spooled report zip file format only takes up 10% of the original spooled report file size.  This results in a significant saving of disk storage space.  It also makes backup of the Elliott directory faster.  In Elliott V8, we allow you to convert your Elliott 7.5 spooled reports to this new zip file format, resulting in a significant saving of disk space for your history archive.
  • Enhanced Security: Each spooled reports zip file created in V8 is encrypted with a password.  The password is only known to the Elliott system.  That is to say, any person who has OS level admin security  can access the zip file but cannot unzip the file to see the report’s contents.  This can prevent sensitive financial statements or payroll information, for example, from being viewed by a non-authorized employee.  The only way to see the spooled report zip file content is through the Elliott Spooled Report manager with the appropriate level of security access.
If you are interested in participating in the Elliott V8 beta release, let us know and we can help you install it on your system.  Call us at 909-598-9019 or email us at sales@netcellent.com for more information.

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