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Work Center Time Clock

Work Center Time Clock


How to Access:

Main Menu è Distribution è Bill of Material Processor è Maintenance è Work Center Time Clock



(Figure 22) Work Center Time Clock, 1st Stage



This is the Time Clock Interface for a Work Center.  It allows the operator to log into a work center and the labor will be shared among any work orders currently active in this work center.  This type of operator does not report about a work order or completed quantity, but only needs to clock in or out from one work center to another.  This is suitable for assembly line workers or CNC machine operators.


This interface is simpler than Work Order Production and only needs two stages.

  • In the first stage, a work center is selected.
  • In the second stage, the operator will clock in or clock out.
  • The second stage is repeated.

First Stage – Select a Work Center

An operator must first select a work center for this interface.  The F7 Key can be pressed to search available work centers.  The work center field may be left blank if the operator would like to start an activity for a special operation.  This can be used at the beginning of a day when no job has been assigned to the operator.

Second Stage – Clock In/Out



(Figure 23) Work Center Time Clock, 2nd Stage



This stage will display all operators who are currently in this work center.  The system will show basic statistics about this work center under the work center ID.


The system will prompt for an Operator ID in this stage.  Like the first stage of Work Order Production, the operator can scan a barcoded badge or type the ID and password manually.  In manual mode, the operator can use the Up and Down Arrow keys to select one operator.  The system will select the highlighted Operator ID, but the password will still need to be entered.


After the operator ID and password have been entered, the behavior is fairly simple:

  • If the operator has not clocked into the work center, the system will clock-in the operator and the labor will be shared among all work orders currently active in the work center.  The Operator ID will be displayed in the list below, as well.
  • If the operator has already clocked into the work center, the system will provide a list of choices for the next activity.  The system will highlight one option based on the current time and operator profile.  For example, if the operator’s shift ends at 8:00pm, the default choice around 8:00pm will be End Of Day.  If the operator’s next activity is not listed, the last option of “Others” can be selected and a special operation number entered. (Figure 23)



(Figure 24) Work Center Time Clock, 2nd Stage, List of Special Operation


If a Work Center ID was not entered, for Special Operation Mode, the system will provide a list of special operations to choose from each time the operator logs in.


If an operator needs to change work centers, it is not necessary to clock-out from the current work center.  You can simply walk to the new work center and clock into the computer at that work center.  The system will automatically clock the operator out from the previous work center.  If the production department does not have multiple computers, you can press the Escape key and enter a new work center ID to clock in.


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