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Pickup Processing

Pickup Processing

Application Overview


A new flag has been added to A/R Ship Via Code maintenance, Create Pickup Record.  If this flag is set to “Y,” separate tracking records will be created for COP invoices posted with this Ship Via Code so the customer can pick up the merchandise at a later time.  A separate menu item, Pickup Process, has been added to the COP Processing menu.  In the pickup process, users can print a pending report of all the items waiting to be picked up.  Users can also use the pickup process user interface to print a pickup form identifying the items pending for customer pickup.  Users can use the same user interface to indicate the items for the invoice have been picked up and remove the invoice from the pending list.


Run Instructions


From the COP Menu Ò Processing Ò Pickup Processing.




Pickup Processing Main Menu






Pickup Processing Process Screen






Print Pickup Pending Report

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