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User Defined Code/Year File Maintenance

User Defined Code/Year File Maintenance

Application Overview


This file stores posted invoice history for the user-defined codes in 12-month buckets.  Since this file is updated when COP invoices are posted to A/R, very little maintenance is required.  The List function in the maintenance program serves as a powerful tool for analytical purposes.




Run Instructions


Select Yearly User Defined File from the pull down COP Maintenance menu.


The following options are available:


   Select the desired mode from the file maintenance menu bar.


1.   Add: Primarily used to add history to a given year.


2.   Change: Used to update blank period buckets, (add historical data), and adjust dollar and quantity amounts.


3.   Delete: Used for deleting a year from a code.


4.   List: Reporting features with a wide range of selection criteria for reporting and analytical purposes.  The report layout format lists the Code, Year, Month, Sales Amount, Quantity, and Cost.



       *  Codes must be setup in the User-Defined Code file prior to performing any maintenance.




Selection Criteria For Data To Be Reported




U S E R   D E F I N E D   C O D E   Y E A R   L I S T


Ranges: Reason Code COOP   Thru COOP                                                                                               

        Year 2000 Thru 2000                                                                                                         

        Month 04 Thru 04                                                                                                           

        Detail Report                                                                                                              


Code     Description                     Year  Period          Sales Amt         Quantity             Cost                         


COOP     CO-OP                           2000  April            1,050.19            21.00           957.94                         

                                               YTD              1,050.19            21.00           957.94                          


Grand Total (YTD) :                                             1,050.19            21.00           957.94                          

Grand Total (Range) :                                           1,050.19            21.00           957.94




Report Example for Code COOP















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