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G/L Setup

Application Overview


G/L Setup is not an application that you will be running very often.  In this application, you will answer some ques­tions that tailor the General Ledger package to the way you do accounting in your company.


Run Instructions


Select G/L Setup from the pull down G/L Util_setup window.  The following screen will then be displayed:



G/L Setup Entry Screen





 The following options are available:


*  Select the desired mode from the G/L Setup menu bar

*  Enter the data requested on the screen

*  To exit press the ESC or F10 key when the cursor is positioned for entry of the first field on the screen in

     Add mode


To leave this application, press X for EXIT when positioned at the menu bar.


Entry Field Descriptions



Type and Description

1.   Allow Out Of Balance Posting?

Y or N.  Enter Y in this field if the user is allowed to post G/L transactions that are out of balance. 


This field defaults to N.

2.   Allow Temporary Year-End Closing?

Y or N.  Enter Y in this field if the user is allowed to run a temporary year-end closing of General Ledger.  


This field defaults to N.

3.   Maintain Journal History Totals?

Y or N.  Enter Y in this field if you wish to maintain journal history totals from the packages that interface with General Ledger. Each posting total will be written to the Journal History file, which then can be printed from the Journal History Report selection.  


This field defaults to N.

4.   Starting Journal History No

5 numeric digits (99999).  If you are maintaining journal history totals, enter the starting journal number which will be use to produce a unique batch code that will be assigned to each posting procedure. The batch code will be generated by the system. This field will automatically be incremented after each posting. This field should be reset to 1 on a quarterly or annual basis depending on the number of posting that have occurred.


This fields defaults to 1.

5.   Starting Transaction Id No



7 numeric digits (9999999).  This number will identify unique journal transactions in General Journal Trx Processing.  It will be automatically incremented after each entry.  This field defaults to 1.

6.   Allow Changes To Period File?

Y or N.  Enter Y in this field if the user is allowed to make changes to the Accounting Period File or N to decline.

7.   Create Retained Earnings Transaction In The Gen-Jnl-Trx File At Year End?

Y or N.  Enter Y in this field if you wish to automatically have an entry made in the General Journal Transaction File during the Year-End Procedure.  Enter N if you wish to make this entry manually.  If you enter Y, the following field will appear.


If you answer Y the next field will be displayed.


A standard account number in the standard account number format.  Enter the G/L account number the user wishes to have the Retained Earnings entry made to.  See Year-End Procedure for additional considerations.



G/L Setup




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