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Change Customer Data Window:

Change Customer Data Window:

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If you wish to let your salespeople change certain fields of the customer file, you have to define which fields they can change in the Sales Desk.  Typically, you will let salesperson change phone, address and contact information.


Main Menu ® Util-setup ® global setup  ® cop-cTl ® cHg cust screen layout


This is a user definable window with 15 fields.  This window is called up from with the F5 Options function key in Sales Desk


In the change mode, select field you want to change.  When cursor is in that field, the F7 Key will search for the screen layout names. 




Available fields to use in Screen Layout Names:


ACCT-DATE                     Account Date       

ACCT-NO                       Account No.        

ADDRESS-1                     Address 1          

ADDRESS-2                     Address 2          

BACKORDERS                    Backorders Flag 

BAL-METHOD                    Balance Method     

CITY                          City               

COLLECTOR                     Collector

COMMENT-1                     Comment 1       

COMMENT-2                     Comment 2       

CONTACT                       Contact         

CORR-NAME                     Correspond Name 

COUNTRY                      Country         

CRDT-HOLD                     Credit Hold Flag

CRDT-LIMIT                   Credit Limit    

CRDT-RATE                     Credit Rate                

CUST-TYPE                     Customer Type     

DISC-PCT                      Discount Percent  

DUNNING-LTR                   Dunning Letters Flag

EXEMPT-NO                     Tax Exempt Number        

FAX-NO                        Fax Number        

FIN-CHG                       Finance Charge Flag

INV-FORM                      Invoice Form Number

LOCATION                      Primary Location for customer

NOTE-1                        Note 1           

NOTE-2                        Note 2           

NOTE-3                        Note 3           

NOTE-4                        Note 4           

NOTE-5                        Note 5           

PARTIAL-SHIP                  Partial Ship Flag

PHONE-NO                      Phone No.        

SALESMAN-NO                   Salesman No.

SHIP-VIA                      Ship Via              

SORT-NAME                     Sort Name             

STATE                         State                  

STMNT-FREQ                   Statement Frequency   

SUBST-ITEMS                   Substitute Items Flag

TAX-CODE-1                    Tax Code 1            

TAX-CODE-2                    Tax Code 2            

TAX-CODE-3                    Tax Code 3            

TAXABLE                       Taxable?      

TERMS-CODE                    Terms Code    

TERRITORY                     Territory     

UPS-ZONE                      UPS Zone      

USER-AMOUNT                   User Amount   

USER-DATE                     User Date     

ZIP-CODE                      Zip Code           




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