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Credit Card Transacting Handling

Credit Card Transacting Handling


Application Overview


This application allows you to process credit card payments as a cash receipts function with postings and distributions as determined by the Credit Card Source File, (AR Maintenance).



Run Instructions


AR Main Menu Ò Processing Ò Credit Card Transaction Handling




Credit Card Entry Screen





Standard Options Available


  • Add
  • Change

·         Delete

  • List
  • Post


Key Field Entry Descriptions


Field 3              Must be Valid Credit Card Number


Field 13             Invoice that the payment is being applied to.  May be left blank if pre-payment or customer deposit.


Field 14             Approval should be obtained before posting payment to customer account.


Field 15             Total amount being charged to credit card


Field 16             Adjustments for surcharge (negative amt) or for Sales Discounts (Positive Amt). 


Field 15 + Field 16 must equal the invoice amount.


Field 17             Must be valid source setup in Credit Card Source File maintenance


Field 18             For internal tracking if needed


Field 19             Describes field 18


Field 20             Select “Y” when invoice has not been posted, for deposit or prepayment.





Credit Card Payment Entered







Posting Function






Run Date: Oct 30, 2001 - 10:40pm         Elliott Demonstration Company                                                     Page    1


                C R E D I T   T R X .    P O S T E D   L I S T                                                                      


   Trx-ID Cust-No Credit-No Type Exp-YY Exp-MM  Post-Date  Apply-To   Credit-Amt      Amt-Adj                                      


      201 000300   X--X1111 VISA   2003     11   10/30/01      3042       105.00         5.00-                                     

Transfer Done!       




Posting Journal





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