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Credit Card Log Report

Credit Card Log Report


Application Overview


This report shows all activity for credit card payments processed.  With a wide range of selection criteria offered, it can also be used as an auditing tool to reconcile credit card statements.



Run Instructions


AR Main Menu Ò Reports Ò Credit Card Log




Key Field Entry Descriptions


Field 1              User can enter any combination of card types for the report or press < Enter > for all.


Field 4              Credit Card Source ID


Field 5              Report Type by 1.) Card type or 2.) By Date






Run Date: Oct 30, 2001 - 10:53pm Elliott Demonstration Company           Page    1


                     C R E D I T   C A R D   L O G   R E P O R T ( Detail  )                                       


Credit Type: VISA                                                                                                                  

Ranges: For All Dates                Source:ALL                                                                                     


 Trx-Date  Cr-Typ  Source Credit-No  Exp-Date  Amt-1  Amt-2  Referen-No  Cust-No Log-No                      

           Holder                    City      State         ZIP-Code    Country                             

           Address-1                 Address-2                           Approval-No                                      



10/30/01 VISA VISA 4111111111111111 11/03     105.00  5.00-               000300  000200                      

           BURKE & JAMES                                                  U.S.A.                              




     Sub Total:          Amt-1:        105.00   Amt-2:         5.00-                                                               

     Grand Total:        Amt-1:        105.00   Amt-2:         5.00-        



Credit Card Log Report





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