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Print Statements

Print Statements

Application Overview


A statement is a document that you produce periodically to send to the customer, which details all the billing period's activity on the cus­tomer's account.  Statements are usually produced on pre‑printed forms, which fold to fit into a windowed envelope with the customer's name and address showing. Elliott Business Forms Department of NETcellent System, Incorporated can supply you with these forms in a wide range of colors at very competitive prices.


When you select the Print Statements application, the program will display a screen asking you for some further information, such as a specification of which customers are to be included in the printing and the period the statements are to cover.  After you enter this informa­tion, you should mount statement forms on your printer.  Printing will proceed from that point.


The statement for an Open Item customer will contain all detail of the open items on the customer's account up through the ending date of the statement period. For a Balance Forward customer, a single line will be printed which summarizes all the detail on the customer's account up to the starting date of the statement period, followed by all further details of customer transactions up to the ending date of the statement period.


Selection of Customers


For this program, you will specify which customers are to have statements printed.  This is done by entering up to five statement frequency codes. Previously, during Customer File Maintenance, you assigned a statement frequency code to each customer, specifying how frequently he was to receive a statement.  The statement-printing program will print a statement for every customer whose state­ment frequency code matches one of the statement frequency codes you entered, and who falls within the range of customers you specified.


Regarding Purging the A/R Open Item File


The Purge Closed Open Item application, when run, will remove from the A/R Open Item file all of those A/R open items for the customers you designate, which have been fully paid.  For historical purposes, the purged data is moved to the A/r History Item file where if can be viewed or printed.


When you send a statement to a customer, he will usually want to see all the activity that has occurred on his account since the last state­ment he received.  For this reason, you should be sure that you print statements and send them to your customers before you purge the A/R Open Item file.


Printing of the Company Name


One of the questions asked during A/R Setup was Print Company Name On Statement?.


There are some companies, known usually as Service Bureaus, which handle all accounting for more than one company.  A Service Bureau might handle the entirety of a company's Accounts Receivable, for example.  Such a company might want to use just one set of statement forms for all companies it keeps records for.  Then, when it prints statements to send to the company's customers, it will print the name of the company in a space left deliberately blank at the top of the statement form for that purpose.


Many other companies, however, might have the name of their company printed at the top of their statement forms. In this case, they would not want the program to print the company name over the top of this pre‑printed name.


The answer to the above question in A/R Setup will determine what the program does in this case. You might want to check your answer to this question, to be sure the statements are printed the way you want them.


Printing On Laser Forms



Statements may be printed on either standard (continuous) forms or laser forms.  This option is set in the Print On Laser Forms? field (#48) of the A/R Setup application.  If that field is set to S or B, statements will automatically be set to print on laser forms.  For more information, refer to the description for field #48 in the A/R Setup section of this manual.


Run Instructions


Select Print Statements from the pull down A/R Processing window.  The following screen will then be displayed:




Print Statements Entry Screen




The following options are available:


*           Print Statements on pre-printed forms

*           Statements may be printed by customer, by frequency showing all detail to the customers



To return to the menu bar, press the ESC or F10 key.  To leave this application, press X for EXIT when positioned at the menu bar.

Entry Field Descriptions



Type and Description

1.  Statement Period

Two entries of a date in the stan­dard date format.


Enter the starting and ending dates of the statement period.


For Balance Forward customers, all activity on the account prior to the starting statement date will be printed as a single total line on the statement, followed by the rest of the detail on the cus­tomer's account up through the end of the statement period.


For Open Item customers, all open items in the account will be printed up through the ending date of the statement period.

2.  Statement Comments

Two entries of 30 alphanumeric characters.


The comments that you enter here will print at the bottom of each statement printed.  This can be very handy if you want to announce a sale or to make known some spe­cial piece of news to all of your customers.  If you leave these comments empty, no comments will print on the statements.

3.  Print In Apply‑To  Number   Order or  Document Date                       Order ?

1 alphanumeric character.


This question is asking whether you want the detail of the state­ments to be printed in apply‑to number order or in document date order.  Enter A

to specify apply‑to number order, or D to specify document date order.


If the items are printed in apply‑to number order, each invoice will be immediately followed by those payments, credit memos, etc. that apply to it.  Otherwise, the statements will be printed in document date order, without any reference to the apply‑to number of the document.

4.  Print Aged Totals ?

Y or N.


If you answer Y to this, the totals of the customer's account will be broken down into the same four aging periods which appear on the A/R Aging Report, and printed in a box at the bottom of the statement.


If you answer Y to this field then the aging period fields in the Customer file will be updated with the aged total amounts printed at the bottom of the statement.

5.  Print Remit Advice ?

Y or N.


Many statement forms have a right‑hand portion, which is detachable which the customer sends in with his payment.  This portion of the statement is called a Remittance Advice. Answer Y to this question if you wish to print the Remittance Advice.

6.  Starting Customer No

6 alphanumeric characters.


Enter the beginning of the range of customer numbers you want to print statements for.


If you press RETURN for this field, it will default to All customers.

7.  Ending Customer No

6 alphanumeric characters.


Enter the end of the range of customers you want to print state­ments for.


If you press RETURN for this entry it will default to the entry you made for the starting customer number.  In other words, only the customer specified by the starting customer number will receive a statement.

8.  Freq Codes to Print

Five entries of 1 alphanumeric character.


Enter the statement frequencies of the customers for whom you want to print statements.  Only customers having a statement frequency matching one of the codes you enter will have a statement printed.


The allowable entries for this field are:


D              =              Discretionary

W             =              Weekly

S              =              Semi‑Monthly

M             =              Monthly

Q             =              Quarterly


If you press RETURN without an entry for this field, it will default to All frequency codes.



9.  Print Only If Dr Bal ?

Y or N.

Print Only If Dr Bal ?

If you answer Y to this, statements will be printed only for customers with a balance greater than zero.  If you answer N, those with balances less than zero will be included.

10.  Show Open Items Only ?

Y or N.


If you answer Y to this, only invoices that have not been paid will be reported on the statement, otherwise all transactions for the date range will be printed.

11.  Print Zero Bal Cust ?

Y or N.


If Yes, then statements for customers with zero balances will be printed.






Print Statements (Screen #1)





Print Statements (Screen #2)







Print Statements (Screen #3)



Sample Statement




            John Q. Williams Company

            3479 Peachtree Road N.E.                   10/16/92     000100

            Suite #200

            Atlanta, GA 30329




   1002  02/06/89  D  DEBIT MEMO                           81.90         81.90

   3502  11/02/89  D  DEBIT MEMO                           84.33        166.23

   1000  02/14/89  I  INVOICE                             995.92      1,162.15

   6553  07/15/89  P  PAYMENT: CHECK NO   6553            995.92CR      166.23

   1001  03/21/89  I  INVOICE                           1,220.15      1,386.38

   6553  07/15/89  P  PAYMENT: CHECK NO   6553          1,220.15CR      166.23

   1003  06/09/89  I  Order # 3866                      1,933.20      2,099.43

   6553  07/15/89  P  PAYMENT: CHECK NO   6553          1,933.20CR      166.23

   1004  05/26/89  I  Order # W3983                     1,616.83      1,783.06

   6553  07/15/89  P  PAYMENT: CHECK NO   6553          1,616.83CR      166.23

   1005  05/11/89  I  Order # W3808                     1,780.64      1,946.87

   6553  07/15/89  P  PAYMENT: CHECK NO   6553            733.90CR    1,212.97

  12093  08/15/89  P  PAYMENT: CHECK NO  12093          1,046.74CR      166.23

   2000  06/11/89  I  Order # W4517                     1,778.03      1,944.26

  12093  08/15/89  P  PAYMENT: CHECK NO  12093          1,153.26CR      791.00

   3585  08/23/89  P  PAYMENT: CHECK NO   3585            558.35CR      232.65

   2001  06/22/89  I  Order # W5638                     1,448.94      1,681.59

   3585  08/23/89  P  PAYMENT: CHECK NO   3585          1,448.94CR      232.65

   2002  06/23/89  I  Order per Letter of 6/17/87         400.23        632.88


















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