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Customer Type File Maintenance

Customer Type File Maintenance


Application Overview


The purpose of this program is to classify customers by type for pricing, commission, reporting and analysis purposes, and for sorting as needed. 


If you enabled COP shipping label in Global Setup -> System -> Barcode Printing Setup -> Enable COP Shipping Label Printing Function, then you can decide whether you wish to produce different label design by customer type.  If “Different Shipping Label by Customer Type” flag is set to “Y”, then you will be prompted for field 3 – 5. 


X-Dock (Cross Dock) Label is supported through Elliott Shipping Verification add-on function.  X-Doc is defined as an sales order with “Store Number” entered assuming “Store/Department Number for Sales Order header is turned on.  This feature is provided because often the Cross Dock label design and requirement is different than non Cross Dock label.


The “Use Barcode Label” flag determine whether the label for this customer type will be printed out through the normal way (when this flag is set to “N”), or printed out through CSV file interface (when this flag is set to “Y”).


Run Instructions


Customer Type File Maintenance can be accessed from A/R Maintenance




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