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Cash Projection Report

Cash Projection Report


Application Overview


Without needing the use of extensive financial analysis software the Cash Projection Application allows for a compact view of future cash needs.   The application looks at the current cash requirements validated against current transactions then based on those figures calculates a 30, 60, and over 60 day schedule.  The projected cash schedule is divided based on a total of individual AR, AP, PO, PR, recurring expenses, and other cash receipts.


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Run Instructions


BankBook Ò Reports Ò cash Projection Report








1. G/L  Cash Account

Standard Elliott G/L Account Defaults from Bankbook Default Cash Account found in Bankbook Setup. At this point in time only one cash account at a time can be chosen. The first phase of the cash projection report works similar to the summary cash position report in order to capture the latest cash distributions for this account.

Please Note:

Elliott's individual modules do not distinguish revenue and expense sources by cash account. The projection report therefore applies all chosen revenue and expense sources (AR,AP and PO as well as manually entered revenues and expenses) to the cash account entered here.

Depending on the size of your Elliott data, this report may take several minutes to run.

2. Balance as of 03/29/00

Standard Date Format Default taken from Bankfile maintenance showing the last date an update for the chosen Cash Account was run.

3. Project Accounts Receivable?


Based on (D) ue Date

Based on (A) vg Days

“D” or “A””



Age Receivables by Invoice Due Date Age A/R using each Customer's Average Days to Pay.

4. Project Accounts Payable?



Based on (I) nvoice Date


Based on (D) ue Date

1 alphanumeric character Defaults to "Y" if Accounts Payable is installed as per your Elliott Company file.

Age A/P by Invoice Date. The default is "I".

Age A/P by Invoice Due Date

In addition to posted A/P Open Items, the report also includes any recurring vouchers that were entered into A/P for the periods chosen.

5. Project Purchase Orders?

1 alphanumeric character Defaults to "N" even if the Purchase Order module is installed as per your Elliott Company file.

If "Y" is chosen for this option, the report will run longer and include all open purchase orders, adding vendor terms due days to the P/O line request date for items that were not yet received.

Due to the fact that Elliott's Received but Not Invoiced Option in the P/O module does not work properly and many of you do not pay on a P/O Line item basis, we do not rely on the P/O quantity invoiced. Instead, this report will give you realistic expense projections based on open P/O's only.

6. Other Recurring Expenses/Period

Numeric Dollar Amount Defaults to Zero.

This field allows you to enter future expenses that are not part of your recurring A/P such as estimated periodic phone and utility expenses.

Please Note:

The amount entered here is deducted for each period chosen in #9 below.

7. Projected Payroll Expense/Period

Numeric Dollar Amount Defaults to Zero.

This field allows you to enter a periodic payroll expense since the cash projection report does not tally actual payroll expenses.

Please Note: The amount entered here is deducted for each period chosen in #9 below

8. Other Cash Receipts/Period

Numeric Dollar Amount Defaults to Zero.


This field allows you to enter periodic cash receipts for those users who do not have Elliott's A/R module installed. It also gives you the ability to record receipt of bank loans or transfers from investment accounts.


Please Note:

The amount entered here is added for each period chosen in #9 below.

9. Use Default Periods

1 alphanumeric character Defaults to "Y".

If Accounts Receivable is installed, the A/R setup default periods are used, otherwise a standard current, over 30, over 60 and over 90 day default is used.

If "N" is chosen, a window is displayed where the default periods can be changed. For example, instead of having period 4 go to infinity (999 days) you may want to use 120 days as your cutoff.

This method also allows you to project cash in 4 periods of your choice, e.g. for weekly periods use 7,14,21 and 28 days respectively.

10. Based on Projection Date

Numeric Date format MM/DD/YY Defaults to Today's System Date

This represents the Aging Date for A/R, A/P and Purchase Orders and can be entered as needed.





C A S H   P R O J E C T I O N   R E P O R T


GL Cash Account 01010-00000-00000                Bank of America                            Bank Account  1234 5678 - 1            

                                                                                            Bank Phone    412-123-4567             

Based On Projection Date : 05/31/00                                                         Contact:      A. Stoy                  


                                           Totals        Current            31-60 Days         61-90 Days         Over 90 Days     



Opening Balance As Of 03/31/00         $34,897.39                                                                                   

Net Change Accounts Receivable         $28,111.65                                                                                  

Net Change Accounts Payable             $9,975.92CR                                                                                 

Net Change Payroll                           $.00                                                                                  


Starting Balance As Of 05/31/00        $53,033.12           53,033.12          14,346.84           9,805.87           5,264.90     


Projected Accounts Receivable  +        $9,414.21            9,414.21               0.00               0.00               0.00     


Projected Other Cash Receipts  +            $0.00                0.00               0.00               0.00               0.00     


Projected Accounts Payable     -        $6,236.88            6,236.88               0.00               0.00               0.00     


Projected Purchase Orders      -       $37,462.64           37,322.64               0.00               0.00             140.00     


Projected Recurring Expenses   -       $18,090.76            4,522.69           4,522.69           4,522.69           4,522.69     


Projected Payroll Expense      -           $73.12               18.28              18.28              18.28              18.28     



Projected Balance :                       $583.93           14,346.84           9,805.87           5,264.90             583.93     





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