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Merge Bank Transactions

Application Overview


In order to bring the Bank Reconcile File up to date a Merge routine is provided. This is typically run  once a month.  This will merge transactions from A/R, A/P, and PR for the given Bank Cash Account number with the specified Date Range.

A/R transactions will be merged from the A/R Distribution file tallying all records for each date within the Date Range into one Bankrec record, (i.e. there will be one Bankrec deposit record for each day a deposit transaction was made).

A/P and P/R transactions will be merged from the Check Reconciliation Files for all checks through the ending date, the starting date for checks is effectively the Earliest. This will allow for un-reconciled check adjustments to be included from prior months, such as Voided checks or amount adjustments.  Merge Bank Transactions is a required step to update the Bank Reconcile file when you first start using this module.


There are two additional questions asked for A/P and P/R that pertain to including Reconciled checks. "Include Reconciled A/P Checks?" and "Include Reconciled P/R checks?" If "N" is entered then only un-reconciled checks will be included for Start-up. If "Y" is entered then both un-reconciled and reconciled checks will be included, however, the reconciled checks will be included as un-reconciled and will need to be reconciled.

Run Instructions


Bankbook Ò Processing Ò  Merge Bank Transactions


Select the Merge Bank Transaction application from the Processing window.


The following option is available:


* Enter the data requested on the screen


* To exit press the ESC or F10 key when the cursor is positioned for entry of the first field on the screen


To return to the menu bar, press the ESC or F10 key.  To leave this application, press X for EXIT when positioned at the menu bar.




























Once the Merge is complete there may be need for transactions to be Added, Changed, or Deleted. This may be done in the Bank Reconcile File Maintenance where you enter the Cash Account to work with, and then make any necessary modifications.






1. G/L  Account No

15 alphanumeric characters


Enter here the G/L cash account number that you wish to reconcile files from.

2. Starting Cutoff Date

10 numeric and 2 numeric decimal digits (9999999999.99)


At the time of Bankfile creation the current G/L Opening balance must be entered here.  This should be the ending balance in your G/L account.

3. Ending Cutoff Date



A date in the standard date format


 This is the last date a G/L Balance update for the above account was done.  The date in this field will be maintained by the system after doing an update.  If for setup purposes only, enter any date.


This field will default to the system date.

4. Include Reconciled A/P checks




35 alphanumeric characters


In most places in BB package where the bank name is entered, the F8 key can be pressed and a search for the vendor by this name is allowed.  If you have a large number of banks accounts and will be using F8 key search, it would be best to keep the name as simple as possible and enter it in a format that will allow it to be alphabetized, e.g., Bank of California instead of The Bank of California.  This will also make for a more meaningful Alphabetical Print-Out.  This name will also appear in reports derived from this package. 

5. Include Reconciled P/R checks

15 alphanumeric characters


Enter the bank account number here.  You may enter more than one account for each bank name by creating a new Bankfile for each bank account.





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