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InquiryBank Reconcile File Inquiry

InquiryBank Reconcile File Inquiry


Application Overview


The Bank Reconcile File Inquiry gives a screen display of all checks and deposits that are in the Bank Reconcile File.  This file can be manually maintained by Bank Reconcile File in the Maintenance Menu and is updated by the Merge and Purge Reconciled Items in the Processing Menu. 


This application displays the cash account number and name, the check number, check amount, check date, the source, and the payee information.  The total debits and credits made towards that cash account will be shown for that BankRec file.  Uncleared or cleared amounts will also be displayed in this view.


Up to 14 transactions can be displayed on the screen at one time.  The F1 key is used to step through the display one page at a time if there are more than 14 transactions.  If you miss an item during multiple page inquiries press the F2 key to return to the previous page.  If the entire file is looked at in this manner, the debit and credit totals will be displayed at the end of the transactions.  After viewing all inquiries, pressing F9 will end that account.


Run Instructions


Accounting -> BankBook -> Inquiry -> BankRec -> Inquiry


Select the Bank Reconcile File from the Inquiry window.


The following option are available:


* Enter the data requested on the screen


* To exit press the ESC or F10 key when the cursor is positioned for entry of the first field on the screen


To return to the menu bar, press the ESC or F10 key.  To leave this application, press X for EXIT when positioned at the menu bar.










1. Starting Date

A date in the standard date format


This is the date of the BankRec files you’d like to begin viewing.

2. Ending Date

A date in the standard date format


This is the date of the BankRec files you would like to end with.  The records shown will fall between the starting date entered and the ending date entered.

3. Account No



15 alphanumeric characters (99999-99999-99999)

Enter the cash account for which you would like to view the records for.  This field defaults with the cash account specified in the BandBook setup file.








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