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Indented Bill of Material Report

Indented Bill of Material Report

Application Overview


The Indented Bill Of Material Report prints a selected number of levels of the components for a selected range of parent items.


It allows the operator to choose the number of levels the report is to print and whether or not active items, obsolete items, and/or forecasted items are to be included.


For those components, which are printed, inventory data, engineering data and reference designators are optionally included.


Run Instructions


Select Indented Bill Of Material from the pull down BOMP Reports window.  The following screen will then be displayed:



Indented Bill of Material Entry Screen



The following options are available:


                  *     Select the desired mode from the Indented Bill Of Material menu bar

                  *     Enter the data requested on the screen


      To return to the menu bar, press the ESC or F10 key. To leave this application, press X for EXIT when positioned at the menu bar.


Entry Field Descriptions



Type and Description

1.      Starting Parent Item No

15 alphanumeric characters.


Enter the starting item number for the range of items you wish to print.


Default is All.

2.      Ending Parent Item No

15 alphanumeric characters.


Enter the ending item number for the range, which you are printing.


Default is the starting parent item number.

3.      Print Active Items Only?

Y or N.


Enter Y to print active items only, or N to print all items.


This field defaults to Y.

4.      Type Of Data To Print

1 alphanumeric character.


This field can have one of three values:


S      =   Standard Data Only

I       =   Inventory Data

E      =   Engineering Data


Inventory data reflects quantity on hand and quantity allocated totals for all locations.  Quantity on order is for the default location only.  Engineering drawing data includes engineering release and revision, and routing release, revision, and number.


Default is S.

5.      No Of Levels To Explode

2 numeric digits (99).


Enter the number of levels you wish to see.


Default is 11.

6.      Blow Through Phantom    Items?

Y or N.


Component items, which are neither stocked nor controlled, are known as phantom items.  Answering Y to this question allows you to blow through phantom items to the real component items, which are down one level.

7.      Effectivity Date

A date in the standard date format.


Enter the effectivity date you wish to use for print items. This date will be used to determine whether to include or exclude items. If you press RETURN, no selection will be made based upon effectivity date.


You will not be prompted to enter this field unless you answered N to Print Active Items Only?


Default is no selection based on effectivity date.

8.      Print Reference Designators?

Y or N.


Enter Y to print reference designators or N to decline.  Default is N.





Indented Bill Of Material Entry Screen



                                        I N D E N T E D   B I L L   O F   M A T E R I A L


Ranges: Parent Item No PC              Thru PC

        Standard Data

        Active Items Only

        11 Levels With No Blow Through

        No Selection On Basis Of Effectivity Date


For Parent Item PC               Parent Item (Mother Board)       Low Level Code  0   Engnr Relse

                                 Personal Computer


Lv Seq Component                Qty‑Per  Um Ll Component                    Attch Scrap Act Stk Ctl PM Ord

       Item                      Parent        Description                   Oper Factr Flg Flg Flg Cd Pol


 1  10 CPU                      1.000000 EA  1 Mother Board For Parent         30    .0  A   Y   Y  M   L

                                               Central Processing

 2  10  CLOCK                   1.000000 EA  2 25 Meg Clock For Mother Board   30    .0  A   Y   Y  P   L

                                               Clock ‑ 25M

 2  20  DATA‑BUS                1.000000 EA  2 Data Bus/Buffer 25 Meg          30    .0  A   Y   Y  P   L

                                               Data ‑ Buffer

 2  30  MEMMGR                  1.000000 EA  2 Memory Manager For CPU Board    30    .0  A   Y   Y  P   L

                                               MEM ‑ Manager

 2  50  RAM‑2MEG                1.000000 EA  2 2 Meg Ram For Mother Board      30    .0  A   Y   Y  P   L

                                               Ram ‑ 2 Meg

 2  60  RAM‑ADDRES              1.000000 EA  2 Ram Address Multiplexer         30    .0  A   Y   Y  P   L

                                               Ram ‑ Add ‑ Mult

 2  70  RESET‑CPU               1.000000 EA  2 CPU Reset for Board             30    .0  A   Y   Y  P   L

                                               CPU ‑ Reset

 2  80  CPU‑30MEG               1.000000 EA  2 Z80 Micro Processor 30 Meg      30    .0  A   Y   Y  P   L

                                               CPU ‑ Z80

 2  90  VGA                     1.000000 EA  2 Monitor / Rom                   30    .0  A   Y   Y  P   L

                                               Monitor ‑ Rom

 1  20 VIDEO‑CD                 1.000000 EA  1 Component/Sub Assmbly           30    .0  A   Y   Y  M   L

                                               Video Card For PC

 2  10  DISPLAY                 1.000000 EA  2 Display Blanker For 25 MVideo   30    .0  A   Y   Y  P   L

                                               Display For Video Card






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