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BOMP Setup

Application Overview


BOMP Setup, like Company Setup, is not an application that you will need to run frequently.  Through this application you will answer some questions that will have a bearing on the way other applications in the package will run.


BOMP Setup is a very simple application, which allows you to add or change some key information in the BOMP Control File. However, the answers you give will affect the way in which other applications will run, so be sure to answer the questions in accordance with your real needs.


For example, companies can elect to keep an audit trail of the Product Structure File that monitors the file for additions and deletions of records as well as for changes to fields within the records.  Other companies may choose not to keep this audit trail.


This audit trail is kept automatically by the Product Structure File Maintenance application only if selected here in Setup.


Several other yes/no option flags are set in BOMP Setup.  These are the options to use job numbers to track production; the ability to change order prices during order processing; the option to display item costs on screens and reports; and the option to use serial/lot batch numbers with appropriate items.


This Setup application also provides for the optional entry of a user‑defined field which becomes the name of the last field entered into the product structure record during Product Structure File Maintenance.


Other options available through BOMP Setup include establishing the production order and engineering change numbers.  These will be automatically incremented when production orders and engineering changes are entered in the appropriate applications.  BOMP Setup also assigns default work in process (WIP) account numbers for tracking materials during the production process.


Run Instructions


      Select BOMP Setup from the pull down BOMP Util_setup window and the following will be displayed:



BOMP Setup Entry Screen



 The following options are available:


                  *     Select the desired mode from the BOMP Setup menu bar

                  *     Enter the data requested on the screen


      Note:    If this is the first time that you have run BOMP Setup, then the program will ask you to enter the data for each of the fields on the screen.  If this program has been run previously, the data entered at that time will be displayed and may be changed accordingly.


      To return to the menu bar, press the ESC or F10 key. To leave this application, press X for EXIT when positioned at the menu bar.


Entry Field Descriptions



Type and Description

1.      Keep Audit Trail On Product Structure File?

Y or N.


Your answer here determines whether or not changes to the Product Structure File will be recorded for later audit.  Default is N.

2.      Description For                User Defined Field In Product Structure File

15 alphanumeric characters.


Entry of this field is optional.  This entry determines the name of an informational field in the product structure record.  Since that field is informational and is not used by the package for processing, there are no additional restrictions to what may be entered here.

3.      Next Legacy Work Order No

6 numeric digits.


Enter the next Legacy Work Order number to be used during entry of production orders.

4.      Next Engineering Change No

6 numeric digits.


Enter the next Engineering Change number to be used during entry of engineering changes.

5.      Next Material Work Order No

6 numeric digits.


Enter the next Material Work Order number to be used during entry of production orders.

6.      Next Plus Work Order No

6 numeric digits.


Enter the next Plus Work Order number to be used during entry of production orders.

7.      Use Job Numbers?

Y or N.


Enter Y to use Job Numbers to track production related to a specific job.  If N is entered, the user will still be allowed to enter information in Job Number fields in BOMP applications, but this information will not be posted to the Job History File.  Default is N.

8.      Allow Change To Order Prices?

Y or N.


Enter Y to allow the user to change unit prices in the Feature/Option Configuration and Production Order Entry applications.  Default is N.

9.      Display And Print Item Costs?

Y or N.


Enter Y to display and print item costs in the applicable BOMP application.  Enter N to prevent item costs from being displayed.  Default is N.

10.    Use Serial/Lot Batch Numbers?

Y or N.


Enter Y to allow the use of serial/lot batch numbers in tracking serial/lot items.  This provides greater flexibility in tracking and the ability to increment serial/lot numbers when producing large quantities.  Default is N.

11.    Production WIP Account Number

An account number in the standard account number format.


Enter the account to be used for tracking work in process (WIP).  This account will keep track of the value of materials allocated during production until a finished item is reported.  Entry is required.

12.    Production WIP Variance Account

An account number in the standard account number format.


Enter the account to be used for the variance in the value of components between when they are allocated and when a finished item is reported. 


This account will only be used if an order is flagged as complete before all ordered items are produced.  This would require that the value of unused components be transferred back from the WIP account to the various inventory asset accounts.  If there was a change in the value of any of the component items during the production process, this account will show the variance.

13.    Exclude Obsolete, Forecast, Both

O, F or B.


Enter whether obsolete or forecast items or both should be excluded from Bill Of Material Processing.


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