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Copy COP Orders Into BOMP

Copy COP Orders Into BOMP

Application Overview


The Copy COP Orders Into BOMP application allows the user to import orders for Feature Items entered in Customer Order Processing.  Copied orders are automatically converted into production orders and may be sent through the production process as if they had been entered in Production Order Entry


Once copied, an order from COP may be viewed via the Production Order Entry application but may not be changed.  Until a work order has been printed or production has been reported, an order may still be changed or deleted in COP.  For more information on production of feature items see Feature Item Processing in this manual's Package Overview section.


When they are copied, COP orders will be assigned the next sequential production order number.  The COP order number, as well as the customer's name and number will be retained for reference on the generated BOMP production order.


A report listing the details of all copied orders will be created automatically when the application is run.


Note: COP Orders copied into BOMP must be new orders (ie. may not be selected for invoicing, etc.).  The Quantity On Order field for the feature item will be the only Item File inventory level affected because COP automatically allocates controlled components when orders are entered.


Run Instructions


      Select Copy COP Orders Into BOMP from the pull down BOMP Processing window.  The following screen will then be displayed:



Copy COP Orders Into BOMP Entry Screen




 The following options are available:


                  *     Select the desired mode from the Copy COP Orders Into BOMP menu bar.

                  *     Enter the data requested on the screen.


      To return to the menu bar, press the ESC or F10 key. To leave this application, press X for EXIT when positioned at the menu bar.


Entry Field Descriptions



Type and Description

1.      Starting COP Order No

6 numeric digits.


Enter the starting COP order number for the range of orders to be copied.  Defaults to All.

2.      Ending COP Order No

6 numeric digits.


Enter the ending COP order number for the range of orders to be copied.  Defaults to the starting order number.

3.      Request Date Cutoff

A date in the standard date format.


Enter the cutoff date for the range of orders to be copied.  Only COP orders with request dates (set in the COP Order Entry application) on or before this date will be copied.  Entry is required.






Copy COP Orders Into BOMP




                                        B O M P   O R D E R S   F R O M   C O P   R E P O R T


Ranges: All Orders

        Thru 02/26/92


Order No Loc Item No         Description                       Quantity   Unit Price    Unit Cost Due Date Job No  COP Order No


    111  LA  PC‑386          386 Personal Computer                 2.00   2,690.9000   1,391.7500 02/24/92          001005 001

                             Customize During Order Entry


        Ftr Feature Description            Opt Option Item     Description                     Unit Price    Unit Cost


        001 Adv Box HDps 8 Exp 32 5‑16 2‑8 002 BOX‑386‑2       Adv Box HDps 8 Exp 32 5‑16 2‑8    499.0000     401.0000


        002 16 Mhz 6 Meg Motherboard Opt   004 MEM‑MHZ‑4       16 Mhz 6 Meg Motherboard Opt      276.0000     211.0000


        003 NEC Multisync 4DS VGA Monitor  003 MON‑NEC‑3       NEC Multisync 4DS VGA Monitor     985.0000       5.6500


        004 Fujitsu FKB‑4700 Keyboard      003 KBD‑FUJ‑1       Fujitsu FKB‑4700 Keyboard          56.9500      40.0000


        005 SPL 2 Serial 1 Parallel W/Game 002 PRT‑386‑2       SPL 2 Serial 1 Parallel W/Game    150.0000     128.0000


        006 5 1/4 HD ‑ 3 1/2 HD Option     003 FLP‑DSK‑3       5 1/4 HD ‑ 3 1/2 HD Option         99.0000      69.0000


        007 Seagate ST1102A 89 MB          002 HDK‑SEA‑2       Seagate ST1102A 89 MB             305.0000     260.0000


        008 Cardinal 2400 Baud Internal    001 MDM‑CRD‑1       Cardinal 2400 Baud Internal        83.0000      70.0000


        009 OmniMouse 3‑Button Ball Serial 003 MOU‑OMN‑3       OmniMouse 3‑Button Ball Serial     49.9500      41.1000


        010 MS Version 5.0 DOS Package     003 DOS‑MSF‑3       MS Version 5.0 DOS Package        215.0000     188.0000

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