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Labor Grade

Labor Grade

Run Instructions


Select Labor Grade File from the pull down BOMP Maintenance window.  The following screen will be displayed:




(Figure 12)  Labor Grade Maintenance Screen


Labor Grade is used to estimate the hourly rate of a level of labor.  The system will use this rate to calculate labor cost for each work order.


Entry Field Descriptions



Type and Description

1. Labor Grade

2 alpha-numeric characters.


Labor Grade for a labor level.

2. Description

30 alpha-numeric characters.


Description of the Labor Grade.

3. Current Rate

13 numeric digits with 6 decimal places and an optional minus sign.


Current labor rate of the labor grade.  This rate should be a little higher than the average salary of this level if labor insurance, benefits, etc. are part of the labor cost. The basic rule of thumb is to use 10% more than the average salary.

Last Rate

13 numeric digits with 6 decimal places and an optional minus sign.  Display only.


This is the rate prior to the current rate.

Last Change

A standard date format and an Elliott User ID.  Display only.


This is the date this labor grade was changed and the Elliott User who changed it.


There are 2 BOMP Global Setup fields requiring a Labor Grade for a default value. Remember to set them after creating new labor grades.


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