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Operation ID

Operation ID


Run Instructions


Select Operation ID File from the pull down BOMP Maintenance window.  The following screen will be displayed:




(Figure 15)  Operation ID Maintenance Screen


Production Routings for manufactured items usually vary from one to another and it is possible to have thousands of routings for a company.  However, similar operations could be given the same Operation ID, grouped together in a category.  This would make maintaining the operations easier.  There are several ways to maintain the operations through the Operation ID:

  • All operations using the same ID can be updated when any value is changed in the Operation ID file.  To enable this feature, set field 48, Mass Change Routing thru Oper ID Maint, to “Y” or “A” in BOMP Global Setup.
  • Export production routings to a spreadsheet and sort it by Operation ID.


In addition to the maintenance benefit, the Operation ID can speed up the process to create a new routing.  The Operation ID record contains every field in the Operation file and these fields serve as default values.  These values will be loaded when an operator creates a new operation or changes an operation ID for one operation.


Plus, the Operation ID can be useful when the routing needs to be changed during the production.  For example, products may be configured to have an outside process where they are sent to a local store for painting, but the production is changed and the operator needs to paint it in the shop.  Rather than modifying the routing through the order entry interface, the operator can change the current operation from one Operation ID to another and all the values will be replaced with the current operation.


Operation ID can be used as an evaluation and analysis unit.  The 12 Month Report can be used to analyze the scrap percentage and the cost of pieces processed over past year for each operation ID. 


Operation ID was only a text field in Macola’s Standard Product Routing Module.  Work Order Plus makes this field more powerful by creating a table for the ID, which makes it more useful and meaningful as a management and analysis tool.  Although the Operation ID is optional, we recommend utilizing this table.


Field Descriptions:

  • Most of the fields are the same as those in Product Routing and will be discussed in that section.
  • Substitute Operation ID (field 15) – When production plans change, the operator can change the operation ID of the current operation to its substitute.  The substitute Operation ID may or may not be similar.

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