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Copy Order

Copy Order


Application Overview


Copy Order is designed for customers who do business with department stores where a typical purchase order is sent with the same contents, but shipped to hundreds of different stores.  With Copy Order, you do not have to manually enter multiple orders for a different ship-to or bill-to address.


Additional it can serve four other purposes: (1) allows a blanket order to be copied for release, (2) lets you copy from a previously released order, (3) lets you copy an order to a quote and delete the original order, and (4) gives you the option of selecting the method of assigning the request and promise date when copying an order.


Before using this enhancement, it must be setup as per the Copy Order instructions in the Global Setup section.

Run Instructions


From COP Menu select Processing, Copy Order, and then Copy





When the user chooses "Copy Order" from COPà Processing, a standard order header screen will be displayed.  It will first prompt for an order number, which the user can manually enter, or press F1 for the next order number.  It will then ask the user "Copy from which order?”    After a valid order number has been entered, the system prompts for an order date.  This order date will be the default from the original order date.  The user may then enter either an "O", "I", “Q”, or “CR” for order type.  The purchase order number and the customer number will default to the copy-from order.  Both of these fields can be overridden.



Original Copy From Order #2029







We have just copied order # 2029 to an “I” type order, same Bill-To customer, accepted original order date, P.O. and shipped to a different Ship-To location. 


Line Item Selection/Changes


When you press enter after completing the Order Header Screen, (Field Number ? prompt), you will taken to the Line Item selections window.  See next page for the Line Item selection process.



After pressing enter, (provided you did not use the <ESC> key), the system takes you to the line item screen for review, changes, deletions, or additions.  See figure below.





Points to Remember:  Quantity allocation of the line items will be increased automatically, as well as, any back-order status items.


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