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Void Invoice

Void Invoice


Application Overview


This enhancement allows users to void a printed invoice before it is posted to Accounts Receivable.  If already posted to Accounts Receivable, you must back it out (void) with a Credit memo.


Run Instructions


From COP Menu select Util-Setup, Void Invoice, and then Inquire



Void Invoice – Inquire Screen



  1. Enter Customer Number
    1. F7 Key to search for by Customer Number
    2. F8 Key to search for by Customer Name
    3. F1 Key to search for by Order No.          



If you select to search by Customer Number or Name, a popup window gives you additional search fields for Telephone number, Contact, City, ZIP code, or Customer Type.


If you elect to search by Order Number:

F1 = List open orders

F2 = List all orders

F7 = Search by P.O. number

F8 = Search by Ship-To

After you have the Customer screen with open orders, see figure below, highlight he order number for the Invoice you wish to Void and press return.





Press return brings up a like window as shown below.





After you select “Y” or “N” you will be returned to the previous screen as displayed in figure at top of this page.





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