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Freight Calculation Inquiry

Freight Calculation Inquiry


Application Overview


This inquiry allows you to calculate freight charges and any variations such as UPS Red vs. UPS 2nd Day, Fed Ex vs. UPS, increase or decrease order quantities, etc., for existing orders or potential orders.  The inquiry calculations are not written to any file and have no affect on existing orders.  These same calculations are available in the COP order-billing screen during add or change orders and update the order.


To use this feature, Freight Calculation must be enabled as per the Global Setup documentation.


Run Instructions


From the COP Menu, select Inquiry, Freight Calculation, and then Inquire



Freight Calculation Inquiry Screen




Field 1. Order #:     Enter order number or if you are doing a freight calculation inquiry for a non-existing order, press <enter> in Field 1 and a Customer # field will appear with F7 and F8 key options to search by customer Number or Name.





Field and Navigation Aids:


  1. Fields 1, 2, and 3 cannot be changed as they are from original order.  If you want to compare UPS Ground to UPS 2nd Day, you must handle this calculation as a new inquiry for a potential order.


  1. Fields 4 – 8 are data entry fields


  1. Section A:  Freight Charges


Current is for Section B fields 10 – 29 where you last entered data.

Accumulated is for total order


  1. Section B:         Fields 10 - 29


  1. Section C:


Accumulated Weight:           Weight for entries you have made in fields 10 – 29

System Calc Weight:           Weight from original order

Remaining weight:                Difference between Accumulated and System calc Weight



Note:    After completing initial inquiry and you change any of Fields 4 –8, you must re-enter Fields 10 – 29 that contain a value to refresh the freight charge calculations in section A.






Scenario 1:      Customer calls in and wants to know what his shipping charges will be if you doubles his order and has it shipped COD.



Scenario 1 Screen



Scenario 2:      Customer calls in and wants to know what his shipping charges will be for UPS Red COD




Scenario 2


Note:    Since the Ship Via code cannot be changed on an existing order during inquiry; you must handle customer’s inquiry as a potential new order.  See required steps on next page.




Scenario 3:      Potential new order inquiry or customer calls in wanting to know the effects of changing shipping carriers or compare rates of different shippers.




Step 1:  At Field 1 press return and Field 2 appears


Step 2.  At Field 2 Enter Customer Number


Step 3.  Field 3 defaults to value in customer file.  Press F7 if you need to change default Ship Via Code.


Step 4.  Complete data entry fields as in Scenarios 1 and 2.





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