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Purge Line Item Audit

Purge Line Item Audit


Application Overview


This function will purge all history from the Line Item Audit Trail file.  As with any purge process, you should ensure that you have any necessary reports for historical and record keeping purposes.


Run Instructions


From the COP Menu select Util-Setup, Purge Line Item Audit, and then Purge





1.   If you select “Y” a second screen will appear asking you for a cut-off date. 


2.   After you enter the cut-off date and ”N” to any changes, a second window will appear prompting you if

       you want to Print to hardcopy, Disk, Defer, or e-mail.


3.   The Cancel Button in the second is your last chance to cancel the purge process as all Line Item Trail data before the cut-off date will be deleted.          



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