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Line Item Auditing Report

Line Item Auditing Report


Application Overview


This application allows reporting the action types of add, change, delete, and void that have occurred in the order entry sales process.  Users, supervisors, and management can use this information to pinpoint unusual activity.  Unusual or repetitive activity such as item price changes, line item deletions and order cancellations by customer that could be a potential problem.  Additionally, you can track user productivity for bonus or incentive purposes. 

Run Instructions


From the pull down COP Reports menu, select Line Item Auditing Report and Print.



Line Item Auditing Report Print Screen




Reports Available


  1. Line Item Inquiry By Item
  2. Line Item Inquiry By Customer
  3. Line Item Inquiry By Order
  4. Line Item Inquiry By User ID




Line Item Inquiry by Item




Report Selection Criteria


  1. Starting and ending fields for:
    1. Item
    2. Customer
    3. Order
    4. User ID


  1. Starting and Ending Audit Dates


  1. Type of Action to report
    1. “A” Add
    2. “C” change
    3. “D” Delete
    4. “V” Void

For all type of actions, enter all four codes










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