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Cancel Picking Ticket

Cancel Picking Ticket


Application Overview


This function allows you to cancel Picking Tickets for picked orders that may need to be changed, were cancelled by the customer and already picked, or for many other reasons.


In addition, this program allows you to:


1.   Put Order on hold

2.   Add Customer F6 Note

3.   Add Order F6 Note

4.   Change Shipping Instructions

5.   Change Order Comment

6.   Display Order Line Items

7.   Backorder the items on the Picking Ticket


Run Instructions


From COP Menu select Util-Setup, Cancel Picking Ticket, and then Cancel




If this is right order, select “Y” and Cancel window with additional options pops up.  See figure next page.



If you elect to cancel the Picking Ticket and press <Enter>, a confirmation message of Picking Ticket cancellation pops up.









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