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Customer Item File Maintenance

Customer Item File Maintenance

Application Overview


Some customers place orders using their item numbers rather than yours.  Without a proper cross-referencing system, it may not be easy to understand which item the customer is referring to and could lead to situations such as shipping the wrong item, consuming time to verify the correct item ordered, or even possibly, losing the sale.   This application allows defining a cross-reference system, as well as, as printing the customer item no. and/or description on invoices, picking tickets, packing lists, and order acknowledgements.

Run Instructions


Select Customer Item File from the COP Maintenance Menu.  Before you can use this function, it must be setup as per the Global Setup documentation.


The maintenance screen consists of three major fields to build a cross-reference record for a customer’s specific item. Once the records are created, the user can use the search function key at COP line entry to find the customers item number to fill in the Item No. field.


Customer Item File Maintenance Screen – Change Mode


Customer Item - COP Line Item Entry


At the Item No. field, press the F7 key to select Item Search.  From the F7 popup window select Cust. Item or Description search.  In the search screen, you may type a partial or complete Cust. Item No. or Customer Description. The search by Customer Item will display your Item Number, Description, and Customer Item Number.  The search by Customer Description will display your Item Number, Customer Description, and Customer Item number.




Customer Item Search by Customer Item Number


Changing A Customer Item Record On-the-fly


Upon the selection of the item being ordered, the screen will display the Customer Item No. to the right of your Item No. and move the cursor to the field 2, (Qty Ordered). At this point, the user can change the Customer Item No. if the customer requests changing it or the description. Press F5, (bottom menu bar options), and the system will move the cursor back to the Customer Item No. field for changes to Item Number, Description 1, and Description 2.
























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