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Customer Wish List Report

Customer Wish List Report



Application Overview


This report lists items from the customer wish list.  You can print the report for a range of salesmen, a range of customers and a range of items and only show those items in stock or all items.  It can be sorted by item or by customer.  You can print a summary or detail report.  You can choose to print the second line of the item description and have it print one or all warehouse locations.



Run Instructions


From the COP Menu, select Reports, Customer Wish List Report and then Print.






After you have completed the required information in the above window, you will be prompted if you want to Print to hardcopy, print to Screen, save to Disk, Defer, or Email.




Partial Report View




Run Date: Nov  7, 2005 -  9:18am         Elliott Testing - CWC                                                             Page    1


                                 C U S T O M E R   W I S H   L I S T   S U M M A R Y   R E P O R T                                 


RANGES: All Salesmans                                                                                                              

        All Customers                                                                                                               

        All Items                                                                                                                  

        All Locations                                                                                                               

        All Items                                                                                                                  

        Sort By Item No                                                                                                             

        Summary Format                                                                                                             


                                                                                                             Total      Times      

Cat  Item-no          Item-description                 Qty-On-Hand      Qty-Avail.    Qty-On-Order       Qty-req'd      Req'd      


ACP  CPU-30MEG        Z80 Micro Processor 30 Meg             0.00            6.00-           0.00            2.00           2      


ACP  DATA-BUS         Data Bus/Buffer 25 Meg               851.00          604.00        1,833.00            3.00           3      


                      Total =                                                                                5.00           5      
































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