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Sales Order Import

Sales Order Import


Application Overview


The Sales Order Import module is designed to import a pre-defined ASCII file to create COP sales orders.  It is intended to provide an easy way for developers to create add-on solutions for creating sales orders. This includes, but is not limited to, EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), e-Commerce and using a notebook computer or portable device to capture off-line sales orders.  Since a third party developer does not need to know how to allocate inventory, determine pricing, commission, sales tax and update various different files that are required to create a sales orders in Elliott, the task is easy to accomplish.


Not only does this relieve the developers’ burden to interface with Elliott’s Btrieveâ or Micro Focusâ ISAM files, it also simplifies the task to create a sales order import ASCII file by providing a minimum number of fields.  The only required fields are the customer number and item number in the ASCII file. For other fields, the system will honor the information in the ASCII file if they are present or if a field is left blank a default value is assigned.  Therefore, a developer only needs to populate a few important fields that are relevant to its application without needing to know the meaning of every field.   



Run Instructions


This is an Elliott Vertical Module requiring a separate user license.   Please contact our Sales Department for additional information.



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