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Release Held Orders

Release Held Orders


Application Overview


This feature is a function of the Credit Check & Release program.  To run this function, the Credit Check & Release must be setup as per the Global Setup documentation.

Run Instructions


From the COP Menu Ò Processing Ò Release held order.



Release held order screen.


There can be up to six release options:


1.       Review all orders:  Users may have customers that are put on hold in the customer file, or customer(s) who’s COP sales order(s) are put on hold, but the customer’s file is not put on hold.  This function will allow you to review and release held orders for both scenarios.


2.       Review Non-Credit hold orders:  This review and release function will only work on customers whose COP sales orders are put on hold.


3.       Review credit hold orders:  This review and release function will only work on customers whose orders are put on hold because of a credit problem.


If the Release By Term Codes flag is turned on, the same three options are available under a Release By Term Codes menu.






This window will appear only when selecting from the Release By Term Codes menu




Figure 4I.8.  Note the cutoff date prompted by the system.



Figure 4I.9.  Note the shipping cutoff date prompted by the system.




Figure 4I.9 shows the Release Held Order Screen.




The release held order screen is divided into three sections:


1.   Order header information: This information is taken from the order entry (upper left corner)  screen.  Only customer orders that have been put on hold will display in this window.  It contains the date order was entered (Ent-Date), shipment date (Shp-Date), order number (Ord-No), and the salesman responsible for order (Slm).  This window contains multiple order information.  To select an order on hold, use the up or down arrow key to highlight desired order.  Use the page up and page down key to view additional orders.



2.   Order line item information:          This information is also taken from the order entry (upper right corner)     screen.  It contains the item-description, quantity, unit price, and total sales amount for the order highlighted in order header information window.


3.   Customer information:                   This window displays information about the (bottom) customer who placed the order.  This information is taken from the customer file in A/R.


The release held order screen will show multiple orders.  Therefore, there’s no need to key in different order numbers to release any held orders.  Each order displayed will provide the customer’s account and credit information.


At the bottom of the screen, there are two options:


1.   [F3] Information Window

2.   <Enter> Release order


When you press the [F3] function key, the system will display another window (Figure 4I.10).  This window will list all the options available for the selected held order. 




Figure 4I.10 shows the display window after pressing [F3].



<Enter>  Release Order -  If you press <Enter> in the release held order screen, the order will be released.  A released order will have an “*” in front of it.






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