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Print RMA Acknowledgement

Print RMA Acknowledgement

Application Overview


This is a function of the RMA Tracking program that is designed to issue an RMA number for credits purpose.  It's not designed to handle repair issues such as: defects statistic analysis, repair status inquiry and reporting, etc.  It also does not handle RMA returns to vendors.


The RMA Status Flag in the COP order header screen provides for four values:


            W = Waiting For Returns

            P = RMA Printed

            R = Received Returns    

            Space = Not An RMA - just a regular credit memo


This flag will only show up when the Order Type is a credit memo, “C”.  In the RMA process when a customer calls in and requests to return merchandise for credit, you will use the order entry screen to enter a credit memo and set the RMA status flag as "W" which stands for waiting for returns.


Once credit memo is entered, RMA acknowledgment can be printed.  RMA acknowledgment will only be printed if RMA status is "W".  After it's printed, RMA status will change to "P".  This prevents duplicate RMA acknowledgments from being printed.  Users should give an extra copy of RMA documents to the warehouse for a scheduled receipt report and tracking purposes.


Once user receives merchandise from customer, after reviewing quantity and item, users can make the necessary adjustment to the credit memo and change the RMA status to "R".  This will release the credit memo and allow it to print in the next invoice run.  Credit memos will never be printed if the RMA status is equal "W" or "P".  If RMA status is blank, system will treat it as a regular credit memo.



Run Instructions


From the COP Menu select Reports, Print RMA Acknowledgement and then Print


Remember, RMA Acknowledgements cannot be printed until the corresponding Credit Memo with an RMA status of  “W” has been entered and completed.



Print RMA Acknowledgement screen.



After you have completed the required information in the above window, you will be prompted if you want to Print to hardcopy, print to Screen, save to Disk, Defer, or e-mail.







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