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Recurring Order Inquiry

Recurring Order Inquiry

Application Overview

This function gives you fast and easy access to information about recurring orders.  It is similar to Order Inquiry by Customer.  It does not show the actual orders, but the recurring order templates that the orders are made from.  It shows important information like the starting and ending dates of the recurring order and the interval that is to be used to generate the next order.


Run Instructions


From the COP Inquiry Sub Menu select Recurring Order Inquiry and then Inquire.  You can view recurring orders by customer or by ship to.



Recurring Order Inquiry Menu








Inquiry By Customer/Order  - Details




                        Bottom Menu Bar Options Available:


F1:       See additional line items on order.


            F2:       See order totals, (Sale amount, misc. charges, freight, and sales tax).


            F6:       Displays any notes for this order and allows you to enter new notes.





The Totals screen shows the accumulated amounts for the recurring order.


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