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Product Category File Maintenance

Product Category File Maintenance

Application Overview


The Product Category File Maintenance application maintains a convenient table of inventory item product categories, i.e. grouping similar items together. The category is used on reports, or on entry screens, where verification of a category is required.  This file is used in Customer Order Processing to identify, by location, additional sales and Cost Of Goods Sold account numbers.  All inventory item product categories used by your enterprise may be entered into this file.


Run Instructions


Select Product Category File from the pull down I/M Maintenance window.  The following screen will then be displayed:



Product Category File Maintenance Entry Screen



The following options are available:


           *        Select the desired mode from the Product Category menu bar

           *        Enter the data requested on the screen


To return to the menu bar, press the ESC or F10 key. To leave this application, press X for EXIT when positioned at the menu bar.


Entry Field Descriptions



Type and Description

1.      Product Category

3 alphanumeric characters.


Enter the three‑character number or code which will be used to identify the product category.


In the change or delete mode, press the F7 key to search for product category.

2.      Description

15 alphanumeric characters.


Enter a meaningful description of the product category. Lower case characters are permitted.  This description will appear on various reports and screens in the pack­age.





Product Category File Maintenance



                                             P R O D U C T   C A T E G O R Y   L I S T


  Product    Description



     1      Accessory

     A      Raw Material

     ACP    Component/CPU

     C      Components

     CH     Chemical

     CVD    Component/Vid

     DEF    Default Categ

     FG     Finished GPC

     IOS    Component‑I/O

     KCM    Kit Component

     KGF    Kit Item (FG)

     MTC    Metal Component

     MTF    Metal Fin‑Goods


 13 Product Categories On File REPORTS














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