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Material Cost Type File Maintenance

Material Cost Type File Maintenance

Application Overview


The Material Cost Type File Maintenance application maintains a convenient table of inventory item material cost classifications, i.e. raw materials or finished goods. The material cost type is used on reports, or on entry screens, where verification of a material cost type is required.  All inventory item material cost types used by your company may be entered into this file.


Run Instructions


      Select Material Cost Type File from the pull down I/M Maintenance window.  The following screen will then be displayed:



Material Cost Type File Maintenance Entry Screen




The following options are available:


                  *     Select the desired mode from the Material Cost Type File menu bar

                  *     Enter the data requested on the screen


      To return to the menu bar, press the ESC or F10 key. To leave this application, press X for EXIT when positioned at the menu bar.


Entry Field Descriptions



Type and Description

1.      Material Cost Type

1 alphanumeric character.


Enter the one‑character number or code, which will be used to identify the material cost type. In the change or delete mode, press the F7 key to search for material cost type.

2.      Description

15 alphanumeric characters.


Enter a meaningful description of the material cost type. Lower case characters are permitted.  This description will appear on various reports and screens in the package.




                                           M A T E R I A L   C O S T   T Y P E   L I S T


  Material   Description

  Cost Type


     1      Raw Materials

     2      Chemical

     3      Components/Assm

     A      Other Fin Goods

     F      Feature Items

     K      Kit Finish/Good

     O      Feature Options

     X      Kit Component


  8 Material Cost Types On File


















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