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Kit Gross Requirements Report

Kit Gross Requirements Report

Application Overview


The Kit Gross Requirements Report application prints the requirements for each component for a selected quantity of a kit item or items.  The report allows the user to see how many of each component will be required and compares this to the available quantity for each.


The report also provides the quantity on order, quantity backordered, and stocking status of each component printed.  If more of a component is required than are available, the report flags the component and indicates the number of additional components needed to meet the requirements.  The user has the option of only printing items for which shortages exist.


The user may choose to print only those components, which are purchased from an outside vendor, or to include components manufactured within the company.


Run Instructions


      Select Kit Gross Requirements Report from the pull down I/M Reports window.  The following screen will then be displayed:



Kit Gross Requirements Report Entry Screen



The following options are available:


                  *     Select the desired mode from the Kit Gross Requirements Report menu bar.

                  *     Enter the data requested on the screen.


      To return to the menu bar, press the ESC or F10 key. To leave this application, press X for EXIT when positioned at the menu bar.


Entry Field Descriptions



Type and Description

1.      Kit Item No

15 alphanumeric characters.


Enter the number of the first kit item for which the report is to be printed.  The application will allow you to enter any 15 character string in this field, but will only print kit items on the report.


Press the F1 key to search for kit items.  After all of the data is entered for the first kit item to be printed, you may enter as many more as you wish.  For any additional kit items, only the item number and quantity will be entered.


After the first kit item is entered, press the ESC key to delete the items already entered and begin again.  Press the F10 key to end item selection and print the report.

2.      Quantity Of Parent

8 numeric digits with 2 decimal places.


Enter the quantity of this kit item that the report will print the requirements for.


Defaults to 1.

3.      Print Purchased Items Only ?

Y or N.


Enter Y to have the report print requirements for purchased component items only.  Enter N to have the report print requirements for purchased and manufactured components.


This field will only be prompted for the first kit item entered.  The flag will be  the same for all items printed on the report.


Defaults to Y.

4.      Print Shortages Only ?

Y or N.


Enter Y to only print items for which a shortage exists.  Enter N to print all items.


This allows you to easily see the items that require additional inventory to meet the specified requirements.


This field will only be prompted for the first kit item entered.  The flag will be  the same for all items printed on the report.


Defaults to N.





Kit Gross Requirement Report





                                      K I T   G R O S S   R E Q U I R E M E N T S   R E P O R T


Ranges: Purchased Items Only

'**' = Qty Required Exceeds Qty Available For Item


For Kit Item    16SX‑1            Personal Computer 386SX

                                  Kit No1

Qty Requested      1.000


   Item‑No                       Qty         Qty         Qty           Qty        Bkord   Stk                       Qty

            Qty Required       On‑Hand    Allocated  Backordered     On‑Order      Code   Sts        Stked?        Short


   K‑SX2MB          Personal Computer 386SX with   2 Meg of Memory

                1.000000         8.000        2.000         .000        5.000                          Y


   K‑SX1‑1.2        386SX 1.2 Drive For Personal   Computer

                1.000000        15.000        2.000         .000        5.000                          Y


   K‑SX1‑1.44       1.44 Drive For Personal        Computer

                1.000000        18.000        2.000         .000        5.000                          Y


   K‑SX1‑IDE        386SX IDE Drive For Personal   Computer

                1.000000         9.000        2.000         .000        3.000                          Y


   K‑SX1‑V512       VGA Card with 512 Ram          Chip Manual

                1.000000        14.000        2.000         .000        2.000                          Y


   K‑SX1‑VGA        VGA Monitor For Personal       Computer

                1.000000        11.000        2.000         .000        3.000                          Y


   K‑SX1‑PARL       Parallel Port

                1.000000        15.000        2.000         .000        3.000                          Y


   K‑SX1‑SERP       Serial Port

                2.000000        16.000        4.000         .000         .000                          Y


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