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Substitute Item Class File Maintenance

Substitute Item Class File Maintenance

Application Overview


This feature allows you to define multiple substitute items in a class instead of one substitute item only.  During order entry, if there is insufficient quantity for an item, the system will prompt if you would like to use substitute item.  If you answer “Yes”, a window showing multiple substitute items will display and let you choose which substitute item to use.  This function exists in COP Order entry and in the Stock Status Inquiry Plus screen.


Before you can use this feature, there is a detailed setup process.  Please see the Global Setup - Substitute Item Class documentation.


Run Instructions


From the Inventory Main Menu go to à Maintenance à Substitute Item Control




Field 1.   Setup Item Class, 15 digit alphanumeric field


Field 2.   Enter Item class Description



After all Item classes have been defined, the next step is to update the class items in the Inventory Master Item File.



Inventory Master Item File



After you have classified the necessary item files by Item Class (Field 10), whenever you do a Substitute Item search in COP Order Entry or Stock Status Inquiry for an item, all items meeting the Item Class in Field 10 will display. 



COP Order Entry Substitute Search Example





Stock Status Inquiry Example


Press the [F1] Subs Item Srch key to display all substitutes item defined for this particular item.









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