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Reject Reason Code File Maintenance

Reject Reason Code File Maintenance


Application Overview


Reject reasons are the reasons why a receiving is rejected.  The receivings clerk needs to know valid reasons for refusing a shipment or for rejecting part of it. With a set of standardized reasons on file, the clerk or the data entry operator who processes the receiving will be able to choose the most appropriate reason.


When the operator specifies a quantity rejected for a receiving, the screen will prompt him for the entry of a Reject Reason Code.  The operator then has the option of entering a specific code or of reviewing the codes on file and selecting one of those that are displayed. The entry of a reject reason, however, is optional.


The Reject Reason Code File Maintenance application allows these codes to be defined, maintained and listed.




    Select Reject Reason Code File from the pull down P/O Maintenance window.  The following screen will then be displayed:





    The following options are available:


              *        Select the desired mode from the Reject Reason Code File menu bar

              *        Enter the data requested on the screen


    To return to the menu bar, press the ESC or F10 key. To leave this application, press X for EXIT when positioned at the menu bar.


Entry Field Descriptions



Type and Description

1.   Reject Reason Code

2 alphanumeric characters.


Enter the code that you wish to have associated with the Reject Reason that is entered below.


In the change or delete mode, press the F7 key to search for Reject Reason Code.

2.   Reject Reason

20 alphanumeric characters.


Enter the Reject Reason. This description will display whenever the Reject Reason Code is entered and will also appear on certain reports, such as the Order Edit List and the Receivings Audit Trail Reports.












Run Date: Nov 13, 1992   11:53am         Elliott Electronics Co.                                                            Page    1


                                           R E J E C T   R E A S O N   C O D E   L I S T


Reject  Reject Reason



  1     Inadequate Quantity

  10    Not Std Chemical

  2     Wrong Drive Specs

  3     Wrong Monitor Type

  4     Wrong Ram Specs

  5     Damaged Goods

  7     Not to our Standards

  8     Damaged Chemical Pkg

  9     Wrong Chemical Type

  AA    Not Ordered


  10 Codes On File






































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