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PR Distribution To G/L Report

PR Distribution To G/L Report

Application Overview


The PR Distribution to G/L application produces a report of the General Ledger entries generated by the Payroll package during a specified period and optionally purges the Distribution file for the period specified.


The report may be obtained in detail or in summary.


Detailed Report


Each distribution of regular, overtime, special, vacation, holiday, sick and supplemental pay made during payroll transaction processing or manual payroll transaction processing, is shown by account number, as well as all amounts automatically posted for taxes, deductions, addi­tional earnings and cash.  The account numbers for these automatic postings are obtained from the Employee file (wage account and union deductions account), Deduction/Earning Code file, State/City Tax Code file, and Payroll Setup.


Employee, check number, check date and amount distributed are shown for each transaction.


Account totals and grand totals are printed.


Summary Report


Total distribution per day per Distribution account is printed.  Account totals and grand totals are printed.


Period Starting and Ending Date


All distributions entered for transactions on or after the period starting date and on or before the period ending date will be printed.  Transactions with dates later than the period ending date are not printed or purged but are kept on file.  The period ending date is associated with the response to check date or period end date response when the check posting procedure was performed.


Interfacing to the General Ledger

Manual Entry


Obtain a Distribution Report with a period ending date the last day of the accounting period (or the period to be posted).


You can make a summary entry of each Distribution account to the General Ledger.  However, if transactions exist which have dates in previous periods, they must be manually separated and entered with a date within that accounting period.  This is to ensure that financial statements run for previous periods are correct.


After the correct Distribution report is obtained, purge the Distribu­tion file.  This will clear all transactions shown on the report from the file.  Purging will not affect transactions on file dated after the period ending date.


Automatic Interface


The automatic interface is run from the General Ledger package.  Do not purge the Distribution file if the interface will be run.  Once you are ready to interface the Payroll package with the General Ledger package, you will run General Ledger and select the appropriate application.  You have the option of purging the file during the interface or purging it later from the Payroll package.


A distribution report may be obtained at any time.  However, it cannot be rerun if a purge has been done for that period.


Run Insturctions


Select PR Distribution To G/L from the pull down PR Reports window.  The following screen will then be displayed:



PR Distribution To G/L Report Entry Screen



 The following options are available:


*  Select the desired mode from the PR Distribution To G/L menu bar

*  Enter the data requested on the screen

*  When there are no more changes to this screen, the print program is started up as a background task and you are immediately prompted for another report selection.


To return to the menu bar, press the ESC or F10 key. To leave this application, press X for EXIT when positioned at the menu bar.

Entry Field Descriptions



Type and Description

1.  Print Report?

Y or N.


Defaults to Y.

2.  Purge File?

Y or N.


Defaults to N.

3.  Period Starting Date

A date in the standard date format.


Enter the starting date of the period for which you wish to print the report.

4.  Period Ending Date

A date in the standard date format.


Defaults to the period starting date.


Distributions dated after the date entered here will not be printed or purged.

5.  Detail or Summary?

1 alphabetic character.


Valid values are:


D   =  Detail

S   =  Summary


Defaults to D.


The detail report shows full detail of every distribution from every check.  The summary summarizes onto one figure per account per day.



Distribution To G/L Report (Detail)




Distribution To G/L Report (Summary)





                      P A Y R O L L   D I S T R I B U T I O N   T O   G E N E R A L   L E D G E R   R E P O R T


Printed For All Transactions On File In Detail


     Account       Description                       Check    Check  Empl Journal    Amount

       No                                             Date       No    No Source    Distributed


01010‑00000‑00000  Cash in Bank ‑ Account #1       01/01/92     115     1  PRIN       166.87 CR

                                                   01/01/92     116     3  PRIN       306.95 CR

                                                   01/01/92     117     2  PRIN        37.08 CR

                                                   01/01/92     118     4  PRIN       203.83 CR

                                                   01/01/92     119     5  PRIN       137.22 CR

                                                   01/16/92     120     1  PRIN       166.87 CR

                                                   01/16/92     121     3  PRIN       306.95 CR

                                                   01/16/92     122     2  PRIN        37.08 CR

                                                   01/16/92     123     4  PRIN       203.83 CR

                                                   01/16/92     124     5  PRIN       137.22 CR

                                                   01/31/92     125     1  PRIN       166.87 CR

                                                   01/31/92     126     3  PRIN       306.95 CR

                                                   01/31/92     127     2  PRIN        37.08 CR

                                                   01/31/92     128     4  PRIN       203.83 CR

                                                   01/31/92     129     5  PRIN       137.22 CR

                                                   02/15/92     130     1  PRIN       166.87 CR

                                                   02/15/92     131     3  PRIN       306.95 CR

                                                   02/15/92     132     2  PRIN        37.08 CR

                                                   02/15/92     133     4  PRIN       203.83 CR

                                                   02/15/92     134     5  PRIN       137.22 CR



                     P A Y R O L L   D I S T R I B U T I O N   T O   G E N E R A L   L E D G E R   S U M M A R Y


Printed For All Transactions On File In Summary


     Account       Description                        Check     Amount

       No                                             Date    Distributed


01010‑00000‑00000  Cash in Bank ‑ Account #1        01/01/92      851.95 CR

                                                    01/16/92      851.95 CR

                                                    01/31/92      851.95 CR

                                                    02/15/92      851.95 CR

                                                    04/15/92      545.00 CR


                                             Account Total:     3,952.80 CR


01010‑10000‑00000  Cash in Bank ‑ Account #1        04/30/92    1,046.44 CR

                                                    05/10/92      469.66 CR

                                                    05/17/92      453.85 CR

                                                    05/24/92      454.41 CR

                                                    05/28/92      897.07 CR


                                             Account Total:     3,321.43 CR


02130‑00000‑00000  Federal Withholding Taxes        01/01/92      274.81 CR

                                                    01/16/92      274.81 CR

                                                    01/31/92      274.81 CR

                                                    02/15/92      274.81 CR



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