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Employee Reports

Employee Reports

Application Overview


Employee Reports application allows access to the following functions:


Union Deductions Report

Overtime and Sick Pay Report

Non‑Employee Compensation Report

Worker's Compensation Report

Meals Report


The Meals Report is accessible only if Payroll Setup identi­fies the user as a restaurant.


Union Deductions Report


This report itemizes union deductions by employee for a selected union (or all unions), within a selected range of pay periods.  The report prints employees in social security number order for the convenience of union administrators.


The report details hours worked, gross pay, the amount of the deduction and the method of calculation used to arrive at the deduction.  The report may be utilized internally by payroll personnel and may also be submitted to the unions along with remittance of the amount deducted.


This report uses data in the Payroll History file.  Data for certain periods will no longer be available once the Payroll History file has been purged for those periods.


This report uses data in the Employee file for the type of union deduc­tion taken.  If the type of deduction is changed after the data is put on the Payroll History file, then only the current deduction method (i.e., per hour, per pay period, or percentage) will be printed.


Employees deleted from the Employee file but not purged from the Pay­roll History file will not be printed.


Overtime and Sick Pay Report


This report shows the overtime hours and sick hours and pay for each employee by department with month‑to‑date, quarter‑to‑date and year‑to‑date totals and averages.


This report will also show the total number of vacation hours due to an employee and the number of vacation hours that have been paid to the employee.    


Non‑Employee Compensation Report


This report would customarily be run at the end of the year prior to the preparation of Non‑Employee Compensation Forms (Form 1099).  It provides information requested on these forms such as recipient's name and address, identifying number (Social Security Number) and year‑to‑date gross pay.


Worker's Compensation Report


This is a report showing all wages or hours accumulated for all employees, for worker's compensation reporting purposes.  Each state starts on a new page if all states are selected.  The type of data shown here is somewhat dependent on the worker's compensation data recorded on the State Tax Code record for the particular state.


Employees are shown in order by social security number within the Worker's Compensation code.  The premium due for each employee is shown, along with the subtotal for each Worker's Compensation code.


The period covered by this report depends on the accumulation period specified in the State Tax Code record.  If the accumulation period is P for period (e.g. month), then every time the employee period‑to‑date totals are cleared, the accumulated worker's compensation hours or wages will also be cleared.  In this case, the report should be printed every month, before the period‑to‑date totals are cleared. Accumulation periods of Q (quarter) and Y (calendar year) are handled similarly.  If the accumulation period is A , for anniversary year, the situation is different.  In this case, the Worker's Compensation Accumulation fields can only be cleared by this program. 


The question, Clear Accum Amounts? will be asked if the current date is after the anniversary date and the program determines that the last time the fields were cleared was before the anniversary date (in the current calendar year).  If the user answers Y, then the accumulation fields are cleared.  See Print Payroll Checks application for some more data on this.


Meals Report


This report is designed to assist the user with posting meals expense to the general ledger.  Since methods of posting meals expense vary significantly from one restaurant to another, this package requires that the user post the expense manually according to his own company's policy.


The Meals Report can be obtained for a single pay period or for several pay periods combined.  The report may be generated for as great a range of periods as Payroll History data is available.  With a listing of amounts by employee for the requested period, the appropriate journal entries can be made.


Run Instructions


Select Employee Reports from the pull down PR Reports window.  The following screen will then be displayed:



Employee Reports Entry Screen







 The following options are available:


*  Select the desired mode from the Employee Reports menu bar

*  Choose one of the following

*  Union Deduction Report, Overtime and Sick Pay Report, Non‑Employee Compensation Report, Worker's Compensation Report, Meals Report -(Available to those companies identified as restaurants in Payroll Setup.)

*  Enter the data requested on the screen


To return to the menu bar, press the ESC or F10 key. To leave this application, press X for EXIT when positioned at the menu bar.

Entry Field Descriptions

Union Deduction Report



Type and Description

Union Account No

An account number in the standard account number format.


Pressing the F1 key defaults to All accounts.  The particular union is identified by its account number.

Pay Period Start Date

A date in the standard date format.


This is the starting pay period date connected with all Payroll History file records that will be considered for this report.


Defaults to All dates by pressing the RETURN key.

Pay Period End Date

A date in the standard date format.


Defaults to the pay period start date.


Overtime And Sick Pay Report



Type and Description

Starting Department

4 alphanumeric characters.


Enter the starting department in the range you want to print, or press RETURN to Default to All departments.

Ending Department

4 alphanumeric characters.


Enter the ending department in the range you want to print, or press RETURN to default to the starting department setting.

Worker's Compensation Report



Type and Description

State Tax Code

2 alphanumeric characters.


The tax code must exist on the Payroll Tax Code file.  Its description is automatically displayed.


Defaults to All states.

Clear Accum Amounts ?

Y or N.


This question is asked only if the accumulation method as indicated on the State Tax Code record for this (single) state is A for anniversary date, and the last date the amounts were cleared is before the anniversary date (this year) and the current date is after the anniversary date.


NOTE: Payroll checks may not be printed for a new payroll period if there is any state for which these accumulated amounts have not been properly cleared.


Meals Report



Type and Description

Pay Period Start Date

A date in the standard date format.


Enter the starting pay period date connected with the Payroll History file records that will be considered for this report.


This field defaults to All dates.

Pay Period End Date

A date in the standard date format.


Enter the pay period ending date in the range you want to print.


This field defaults to the pay period start date.







ScreensPrint Union Deductions Report










Print Overtime And Sick Pay Report





ScreensNon-employee Compensation Report








Worker’s Compensation Report







REPORTSPrint Meals Report



                                           U N I O N   D E D U C T I O N S   R E P O R T


For Pay Periods All

For Union Account No 02200‑00000‑00000 Union Dues Payable


 Soc‑Sec‑No  Name                          ‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑Hours‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑    Gross‑Pay      Calc        Union

                                            Regular   Overtime    Special                  Method   Deduction


323‑46‑7373  Smith, Sally                    140.00        .00        .00     1,130.00   Per Hour      300.00

989‑03‑9231  Jones, James S.                 160.00        .00        .00     1,373.20   Per Hour       40.00


                            Union Totals:    300.00        .00        .00     2,503.20                 340.00




                                      O V E R T I M E   A N D   S I C K   P A Y   R E P O R T


For All Departments

Employee Types:  H = Hourly       S = Salary       N = Non‑Employee


Dept Empl Name                         Emp ‑‑‑‑Period‑To‑Date‑‑‑‑‑‑  ‑‑‑‑Quarter‑To‑Date‑‑‑‑‑  ‑‑‑‑‑‑Year‑To‑Date‑‑‑‑‑‑

  No   No                              Typ Ovrtim    Sick      Sick  Ovrtim    Sick      Sick  Ovrtim    Sick      Sick  Vac Due

                                              Hrs     Hrs       Pay     Hrs     Hrs       Pay     Hrs     Hrs       Pay     Vac Paid


100   100 Cooney, Jerry III             H     .00     .00       .00     .00     .00       .00     .00     .00       .00     .00


      200 Jones, Allen II               H     .00     .00       .00     .00     .00       .00     .00     .00       .00     .00


      300 Smith, Sally                  H     .00     .00       .00     .00     .00       .00     .00     .00       .00     .00


      400 Bill SaintClaire              H     .00     .00       .00     .00     .00       .00     .00     .00       .00     .00



    4 Employees     Department Totals:        .00               .00             .00               .00               .00

                                                      .00               .00               .00             .00               .00




                  Department Averages:        .00     .00       .00     .00     .00       .00     .00     .00       .00     .00





                                   N O N ‑ E M P L O Y E E   C O M P E N S A T I O N   R E P O R T


Emp‑No   Name                          Street‑Address                   Ytd‑Gross

         Soc‑Sec‑No                    City                 St  Zip


  500    Rich, Lisa A.                 420 Lyonwood Dr.                  1,152.12

         291‑56‑2369                   Caledonia            OH 43072‑0485


    1 Non‑Employees



                                      W O R K E R ' S   C O M P E N S A T I O N   R E P O R T


   State: CA  California                      Calculation Method: Percent Of Salary    Accumulation Period  Quarterly

                                              Anniversary Date:   00/00/00             Experience Modifier: 100.00

                                              Maximum Wages:            .00            Last Clear Date:     00/00/00


Wk‑Cmp  Soc‑Sec‑No  Empl  Name                            Rate  Exec  Eligible    Premium

Code                  No                                        Exm?     Wages        Due


       323‑46‑7373     2  Smith, Sally                   .0000   N         .00        .00

       989‑03‑9231     1  Jones, James S.                .0000   N         .00        .00


                                                Totals This Code:          .00        .00



CA01   008‑39‑3931     5  Cook, Brad M                   .0000   N    1,059.75        .00

CA01   673‑09‑2882     4  Meddles, Shari B               .0100   N    1,452.75        .15


                                                Totals This Code:     2,512.50        .15




                                               Totals This State:     2,512.50        .15

                                       Times Experience Modifier:                X 100.00

                                       ‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑               ‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑


                                                     Premium Due:                     .15



                                                       M E A L S   R E P O R T


For Pay Periods All


Emp‑No  Name                             Amount































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