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Sales Desk Screen Layout

Sales Desk Screen Layout


Many companies have some special information needed for their order taking process.  Sales Desk allows you to customize the screen center portion for customized item or customer information.  The default 12 fields are displayed in the Figure below.  You can pick and choose from most of the fields of item or customer file to customize the center portion of your Sales Desk screen.




Run Instructions

To Change Item Information Window:


Main Menu ® Util-setup ® Global setup ® cop-cTl ® sales desk screen layout


In the change mode, select field you want to change.  When cursor is in that field, the F7 Key will search for the screen layout names. 



Available fields to use in Screen Layout Names:


AVG-COST-FOB                        Average FOB Cost      

AVG-COST-LANDED                     Average Landed Cost   

CUST-ADDRESS-1                      Customer Street 1     

CUST-ADDRESS-2                      Customer Street 2     

CUST-BALANCE                        Customer Balance      

CUST-COMMENT-1                      Customer Comment 1    

CUST-COMMENT-2                      Customer Comment 2    

CUST-FAX                            Customer Fax Number   

CUST-HIGH-BAL                       Customer Highest Balance

CUST-ITEM-DESC1                     Customer Item Desc 1    

CUST-ITEM-DESC2                     Customer Item Desc 2    

CUST-ITEM-NO                        Customer Item Number    

CUST-NOTE-1                         Customer Note 1         

CUST-NOTE-2                         Customer Note 2         

CUST-NOTE-3                         Customer Note 3         

CUST-NOTE-4                         Customer Note 4

CUST-NOTE-5                         Customer Note 5          

CUST-PHONE                          Customer Phone Number    

CUST-REM-CREDIT                    Customer Remaining Credit = Credit-Limit - Balance

CUST-SALES-LYR                      Customer Sales Last Year 

CUST-SALES-YTD                      Customer Sales YTD       

CUST-SHIP-VIA                       Customer Ship Via        

CUST-USER-AMT                       Customer User Amount     

CUST-USER-DATE                      Customer User Date            

DESC-1                              Line Item Description 1  

DESC-2                             Line Item Description 2  

DISC-PCT                            Line Item Discount Pct   

ITEM-DESC-1                         Item Description 1       

ITEM-DESC-2                         Item Description 2       

ITEM-NOTE-1                         Item Note 1              

ITEM-NOTE-2                         Item Note 2              

ITEM-NOTE-3                         Item Note 3              

ITEM-NOTE-4                         Item Note 4      

ITEM-NOTE-5                         Item Note 5      

ITEM-PRICE                          Item Price       

ITEM-USER-AMT                       Item User Amount 

ITEM-USER-DATE                      Item User Date   

LAST-SELLING                        Last selling price of this item to this customer.

LITERAL                             Free Literal that you can define any way you like

LST-COST-FOB                        Last FOB Cost    

LST-COST-LANDED                     Last Landed Cost            

ON-SALE-INFO                        On Sale Information – including on sale price and expiration date.

PCT-OFF-PRICE                       Discount % off Item Price

PROD-CATE                           Line Item Product Category  

QTY-ALLOC                           Qty Allocation              

QTY-AVAIL                           Qty Availability = Qty-OH – Qty-Allocation

QTY-BO                              Qty Backorder               

QTY-EXCESS                          Excess Qty = Qty-OH – Qty-Allocation + Qty-BO

QTY-OH                              Qty On Hand              

QTY-ON-ORDER                        Qty On Order             

REASON-CODE                         Line Item Reason Code    

REGULAR-PRICE                       Regular Price = Customer’s price after applying price codes before on sales price.

REQ-PRM-DATE                        Request & Promise Date   

STD-COST-FOB                        Standard FOB Cost        

STD-COST-LANDED                     Standard Landed Cost     

VENDOR-NO                           Primary Vendor Number  







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