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Statement Text File Maintenance

Statement Text File Maintenance

Statement Text FileApplication Overview


The Statement Text File application allows the entry and maintenance of special instruc­tions and explanatory data that are to appear on the financial statements.  It can be used to add, change, or delete lines from texts in the Text file or to add new texts as well as to print out the texts, as they will appear on the financial statements.


The Text file may contain up to 99 text statements.  Each text state­ment may contain up to 20 lines with up to 75 characters per line.


Simply type out the text as you wish it to appear on the Financial Statements.


The RETURN key serves to position the cursor at the beginning of the next line.  To terminate entry on the screen, press the F1 key, when the cursor is positioned at the beginning of any line.


Text statements may be used for footnotes, opinions, to replace headers, etc.  Text statements may be coded to appear on Financial Statements, Supporting Schedules, and Source and Application of Funds statements by using a TEXT layout code.


Each text statement is manually assigned a unique two‑digit text code.  This code is then entered through Statement Layout File after first entering TEXT as the special layout code (see notes for the Statement Layout File application).


Example:          Text Code         Text Statement


                        06         Statements are Unaudited

                                    and Without Opinion

                                    Expressed by _______________.


This heading is to appear at the beginning of the P&L.  The Layout file would appear as follows:


            Seq      Func

            No        Code


            0010     TEXT     TEXT NO:  06


The Profit and Loss Statement would print as follows:


                                                Statements are Unaudited

                                                and Without Opinion

                                                Expressed by ________________.


Run Instructions


Select Statement Text File from the pull down G/L Maintenance window.  The following screen will then be displayed:



Statement Text File Maintenance




 The following options are available:


*           Select the desired mode from the Statement Text File menu bar

*           When you select Print Out List Texts, you are asked to enter the starting and ending text numbers.  To end print out mode without printing anything, press the ESC or F10 key while the cursor is positioned for entry of the starting text number


To return to the menu bar, press the ESC or F10 key. To leave this application, press X for EXIT when positioned at the menu bar


Entry Field Descriptions



Type and Description

1.  Text No

2 numeric digits. 


A maximum of 99 texts may be on file at any time.

2.  Description

30 alphanumeric characters. 


This is used to identify the text.  It will appear in the Statement Layout File application.




Text Line Screen



Type and Description

1.  Text Lines

75 alphanumeric characters per line. 


See the Application Overview for more details.







Type and Description

Starting Text

2 numeric digits. 


Press the RETURN key to default to All texts.

Ending Text

2 numeric digits. 


Press the RETURN key to default to the starting text.







Text Code Search






Statement Text File Maintenance (Screen #1)






Statement Text File Maintenance (Screen #2)







Text File List




                                               S T A T E M E N T   T E X T   L I S T


Range:  All Texts Selected


Text No: 01  Unaudited And Without Opinion

                         This Financial Statement Is Unaudited

                           And Without Opinion Expressed By

                           ‑‑‑ Your CPA Firm's Name Here ‑‑‑



Text No: 02  Footnotes

     All inventory is costed by the average cost method.



Text No: 03  Schedule Of Operating Expenses

                                Schedule Of Operating Expenses



Text No: 99  Letter To Department Heads

     Enclosed are your Financial Statements for the period ending 09/30/89


     I suggest that you review them thoroughly and be prepared to discuss them

     in some detail at our meeting next thursday.


     As you may have some questions, please feel free to contact Joe Billings

     in accounting as required.  He will be happy to clarify any data you find



     I look forward to our meeting next week.






     John Herrington




                                             F I N A N C I A L   E N T I T Y   L I S T


Range: For All Entities

       (Profit Ctr/Dept Shown Next To Each Range Are  Those Currently Defined On The Chart Of Accounts)


Entity  Description                                 Profit‑Center‑Dept‑Range



DEPT1   West Coast Headquarters           10000‑00000       To 19999‑00000



DEPT2   East Coast Headquarters           00000‑00000       To 99999‑00000



    2 Entities Printed












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