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Addresses the Needs of Importers

Elliott's Import Export Software allows you track your future inventory availability by merging requirements (i.e. sales orders) and replenishments (i.e. purhcase orders) real-time. When you see a negative quantity balance in your future time line, it means there is an issue you need to address.

This feature gives you a valuable and flexible tool to forecast and plan future inventory so you can manage vendor deliveries and customer expectations.

Our Importer Software provide importers the ability to handle the following:
Elliott Business Software - Importer / Export Software

Located in Los Angeles, California, we have a lot of experience helping local importing and exporting businesses run efficiently. Our Elliott Business Software is the ideal solution if your business is importing and exporting goods.

It is a powerful importer software that will help you manage and track goods from the purchasing stage, to the delivery of goods on the ocean, to port arrival, and to the delivery of goods to the customers. The system also handles calculation of landed cost, and supports EDI communications if required.
Determining optimal purchase quantity and delivery schedule.  Purchasing too much or too little product can be a problem.  If you purchase too much, you’ll be stuck with the inventory burden and interest payments.  This is particularly a problem if your customers cancel or delay their longterm purchasing.  If you purchase too little, you’ll have angry customers canceling your orders.

Making the future Inventory delivery schedule easily visible to both Importers and suppliers.  The Elliott schedule flag goods on the ocean since their arrival date is firm.

A delivery schedule that is easily revisable through importing/exporting a spreadsheet with the backend ERP system (Elliott Business Software).

Projection of future delivery problems. Customer Service or buyers can easily see future inventory projections,  identify potential hot spots and take action by:

1. Notifying customers of anticipated delays

2. Rushing vendors to speed up delivery

3. Expediting goods with a fast delivery method (i.e., air cargo vs ocean transport)

Landed cost support. Having accurate costs is important in running a successful business. Importers often face duty and a large amount of freight. Therefore, the landing cost handling is a crucial part of the system.

With Elliott Business Software, all your concerns and challenges as an importer are addressed. This will help you as an importer to streamline your business and maximize your profit by allowing you to focus on the big picture.We also offer servies for Exact Macola & Macola ES.

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