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CyberMAC® Software for Elliott Business Software - The Ultimate Solution for the Petroleum Industry

As a petroleum marketer and/or distributor, you understand better than anyone the unique needs and concerns of this industry: trying to balance customer demand with what are oftentimes inadequate fuel supplies; following the guidelines of restrictive regulations; and ensuring that you maintain positive, productive working relationships with both customers and vendors.

In these challenging economic times, it’s more important than ever to utilize a petroleum software product that helps your company to streamline effort and effectively allows your employees to “work smarter.” Just imagine how much your company would benefit from a fuel management software product that will address virtually every aspect of your business - from customer and vendor interactions to your own accounting and logistics needs. Now, you don’t have to imagine anymore! CyberMAC is the ultimate fuel distribution software especially designed for the unique needs of the petroleum industry.

Gas Distribution Pump

Petroleum Marketer Software
Integrated Solution

Used in combination with Elliott Business Software, CyberMAC petroleum distribution software streamlines your accounting and customer interactions by greatly reducing the amount of manual input required. This revolutionary oil distribution software accomplishes this by synchronizing with the fuel-price database, then automatically producing all the necessary operational, customer, billing and accounting documentation needed to fulfill your customer orders.

Reduce Duplicate Data Entry and Errors

CyberMAC generates delivery orders, invoices, freight vouchers and tax records with a single data entry. The software then automatically posts all inventory, sales and general ledger accounts. Your business will benefit from CyberMAC on all fronts - customer relations, vendor interactions, in-house accounting, and logistics and tankwagon fuel distribution.

Manage Customer Interactions

CyberMAC petroleum software effectively manages virtually all of your interactions with customers, including the following:

Delivery orders
Customer-friendly invoices that detail tax and freight costs for each line item
Freight cost calculations
Forecast of future delivery needs
Tax calculation, including specifying the amount due to the supplier and the amount due to the government

Streamline Vendor Interactions

Allow CyberMAC fuel management software to streamline your vendor interactions as well by providing the following:

Purchase order generation for each vendor on customer orders
Information regarding the lowest-price supplier
Tax calculation
Creating A/P vouchers, fuel and freight invoices

Streamline Accounting Procedures

CyberMAC petroleum distribution software streamlines your accounting procedures by automatically integrating purchase orders into your existing accounting software, including:

Posting inventory, sales, general ledger accounts and excise tax
Comparing vouchers vs. invoices
Generating month-end tax reporting

Simplifies Logistics

CyberMAC gas distribution software also simplifies logistics and tankwagon fuel distribution processes for your gasoline, diesel and heating oil customers by doing the following:

Providing each driver with a printed ticket or wireless transmission with specific delivery instructions, including prices and taxes
Assigning ticket delivery numbers that correspond to invoice records
Sending digital data to and from the tankwagons
Forecasting future delivery needs based on day, date and past consumption
Ensuring gallons purchased equals gallons sold
Maintaining tank record and delivery history for every customer tank
Producing a daily list of tanks that need deliveries

Industry Challenges

CyberMAC software can provide your company with the tools you need to meet the unique challenges of the petroleum industry. From the front office to the tankwagon deliveries in the field, CyberMAC offers a comprehensive means to address virtually every aspect of your business: streamline paperwork; eliminate duplication of effort by your employees; reduce the number of errors made by workers; ensure the best level of service for your customers; maintain positive working relationships with your vendors; and feel confident in the knowledge that your accounting practices are second-to-none with regard to accuracy and completeness.

In these challenging times in the petroleum industry, it’s crucial that your business operates in the most efficient and productive manner possible. In order to accomplish that goal, you need a software package that provides a solution to virtually every aspect of the petroleum business. If you’ve been searching for the ultimate gas distribution software, your search is over! For petroleum marketers and distributors, CyberMAC may very well be the consummate add-on solution you’ve been looking for.

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